China Championship 2016 – Day 2

Day 2 in Guangzhou saw the conclusion of the last 16 and here is what it had in store for us:


Life, yesterday, did come in the way of snooker a bit and I didn’t watch much of it at all so I can’t comment much either.

I did however watch the first mini-session between John Higgins and Mark Williams and it was both entertaining and high quality. Much higher than what I had seen on day 1 by anyone. Some call them “dinosaurs”, but those dinosaurs can still play! True John Higgins is making the rare totally unexpected mistake and that’s probably what cost him when he comes across the very top players (when they are on form themselves). And maybe Mark Williams doesn’t have the fire he had 15 years ago. But, Jeez, they both are still very capable to give most young pros a good hiding!

Other than that, I saw nothing … but the results, and one of those results is that Michael Holt has sent Neil Robertson home in, yet another, deciding frame. It’s high time some fans stop seeing Michael as a kind of “second fiddle”. He’s really becoming a top player, and the times when he used to lose from winning positions are well and truly over!