An article about Ronnie on the CBSA website

The CBSA (Chinese Billiard and Snooker Association) has published this article about Ronnie on their official site.

In short, Ronnie is expected to arrive in Beijing on March 25, and will take part of an “Open Class” that will be streamed through the Superstar Online application. This is part of a project that Ronnie supports: the goal is to offer information and education, including streamed “live” classrooms and events,  interviews and articles about snooker through an online application. This of course makes a lot of sense in a country as vast as China.

I had a chat with Nancy, here in Scunthorpe, during the World Seniors WC, about this application. It’s only in early stages still but the idea is definitely interesting. Superstar online works with professionals and translators to make their app as interesting AND multilingual as possible. Right now however it’s only available in Chinese.

Here is the (google) translation of the article:

The Rockets will visit the CBSA Academy’s first star online detonated billiards live hot

China’s billiards association official website Beijing time on the afternoon of March 25, Beijing Gymnasium CBSA World Snooker Academy, here will become the focus of Taiwan’s attention. On the same day, snooker king of popularity, with the “rocket” reputation of Ronnie – O’Sullivan will be about to personally starred in his career the most open “big” – Superstar online APP public class live interactive.

O’Sullivan is recognized as the genius of the altar, can be said to be the top snooker representative, is the embodiment of the perfect snooker. On his personal achievements, in this no need to repeat, I believe that the vast majority of fans can say something about. This side also reflects its unique influence and great appeal.

O’Sullivan was heavily signed at the end of last year to become a spokesperson for Rebecca and superstar online image. The project officially launched on New Year’s Day this year. Up to now, there are more than one hundred players and industry elite to open an open class.

Although O’Sullivan has not seen any time, but he has always been closely concerned about the progress of the project, and the first direct broadcast of the matter with the working group to actively communicate, and ultimately scheduled for 25 this month debut debut. Considering that this is his first appearance in Beijing in five years, the premiere of the show is even more meaningful.

It is reported that O’Sullivan and his party will arrive at the Capital International Airport in the morning. After a short break to the hotel, he will arrive at the CBSA Academy on the stadium, about 20 o’clock to 21 o’clock.

In the live content, the superstar online working group ingenuity, carefully arranged. Performance skills is one of the important part of his partner is very much appreciate him and often hands-on guidance of the Chinese star Zhao Xin Tong.

The live offers a unique opportunity for fans who can not go to the scene – ask questions directly to O’Sullivan via the Star Online APP. As long as you participate, it is possible to become one of the lucky ones. In addition, O’Sullivan will also sign a small number of posters on-site, and through the star online APP to extract the lucky audience.

According to the agreement, one year, including O’Sullivan, including the star will be in the star online APP public classes played at least 50 hours (including 10 hours line activities). Snooker number one star show the success of the first show, indicating that the star online APP has been fully set sail. (CBSA Luo Liping)