World Championship 2018 – Draw and Format

Worldsnooker has just published the draw and format for the main event at the Crucible

The draw and format for the top 16 seeds at the Betfred World Championship is now available.

Click here for the draw

Click here for the format

The tournament at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield runs from April 21 to May 7.

For the draw and format for the qualifying rounds, click here. On Thursday April 19 at 10am, the 16 qualifiers will be drawn at random against the 16 seeds.

Not sure I like the way this is panning out for Ronnie. He will play on the first day, afternoon session, then the next day, Sunday, in the morning. It is very unusual for the seed n°2 to play on the first and second days, they usually play towards the middle of the week. If he wins, he will have to wait until the next friday to play his next match. Maybe that’s not too bad, he will probably go home in between. But then, again if he wins, he has a two days gap, and his QF last two sessions are the two last sessions of that  round, consecutive sessions. That’s definitely not great as the players don’t have much time to relax a bit and eat something. It’s always that way for the seed n°2, and it’s done to try to avoid an “empty” session in case some matches finish with a session to spare, but it’s not ideal for the players involved. Then again, if he wins, he will play two sessions of his semi final on the Saturday, with the last session in the evening – which was to be expected given that he’s seed n°2 – but it will start half an hour later than usual and that match often finishes quite late even without any additional delay. Last year it was Selby who was in that position – without the additional delay – and he was knackered on the first day of the Final. That said, it’s normal that the defending champion gets the “easiest” format of course.

7 thoughts on “World Championship 2018 – Draw and Format

    • I believe that it does matter Ed, most players, if not all, are tired when they reach the latter stages. I have seen it close up. And when the match is over, it’s not over, there are media duties, and then filming with the BBC etc. Why push that last session of the SF even later? It’s probably a BBC request, but frankly, the players should come first in this.

    • That is in no way the bottom line and of course it matters. Matters a great deal. Very simplistic and naive comment.

  1. I won’t Ronnie play as Ronnie play the last year, great attitude and best pot balls.i want Ronnie O’Sullivan wine and taking thy word campion!!!
    I love Ronnie O’Sullivan!!
    (sorry my English I’m from Israel and I love Ronnie O’Sullivan)

  2. At first he has to reach the quarterfinal stage and we’ll hope the best!

    Wish everybody a great time at the qualifiers and at the Crucible too! Cannot wait for the best 17 days of the year!

  3. Hello Monique,
    had very similare thoughts and feelings when I looked at the format yesterday evening. Especially the later start of the last session of the semi final seems quite odd. The Crucible / WC is always tough in itself and the format certainly adds to the pressure. I hope it might inspire Ronnie to “stand up aginst the odds” as he has done in the past on many occasions. So, once again we will have to wait and see … and hope for the best.

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