2020 Welsh Open – Kyren Wilson beat Ronnie in the SF

Kyren Wilson booked his spot in the final tomorrow with a 6-5 deserved victory over Ronnie.

Screenshot 2020-02-15 at 19.05.12.png

Ronnie lead 2-0 and 4-2, but never looked comfortable in the match. He probably did miss more easy balls today than he had all week. There were moments of brilliance, but overall it was a bad day in office. Kyren Wilson was a lot more reliable, even if he missed a few aswell. But Kyren got better as the match went on, Ronnie got worse.

Ronnie never stopped trying but he looked very unhappy and frustrated, annoyed with himself. Towards the end the belief wasn’t there anymore. Kyren was solid and deserved the win. Good luck to him tomorrow.

This is the match

Ronnie was very honest in his assesment of his own performance

To be honest, as a Ronnie fan, I found it hard to watch. And if it was pressure that caused Ronnie’s collapse, it doesn’t bode well for the Crucible … IF he enters it. Or for the 37th ranking title come to that. Yes, I’m feeling quite dispirited, not because he lost, but because the way he lost.

Anyway … here are some great pictures, thanks to Tai Chengzhe

This result means that although Ronnie is currently 16th on the one year list, should he lose early there are 20 players who could overtake him.

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Gary Wilson needs the SF (8000), Tom Ford, Jack Lisowski and Zhou Yuelong need the Final (20000), everyone else down to Ricky Walden need the title (50000).

Ronnie’s participation in the Players Championship is far from certain. And, should he qualify, he’s due to play Judd Trump in the last 16, unless himself goes deep in the Shoot Out.


9 thoughts on “2020 Welsh Open – Kyren Wilson beat Ronnie in the SF

  1. He should’ve won UK, Scottish and this one if he survives one of them: UK v Ding, Scottish v Selby, this one v Wilson

  2. I think this week was a fairly large step forward for Ronnie this season. A victory over Selby is always a big accomplishment, and I think Ronnie suffers a bit of a letdown in his subsequent match.

    I still haven’t given up on my hypothesis that Ronnie is trying to “peak” at the Crucible this season. Winning the Welsh Open would only serve to increase the pressure/expectation for the WC. I think Ronnie showed himself this week that he’s still good enough to win when he wants to, and it wasn’t necessary to win the event to prove that to himself. If today’s match had been really important to Ronnie, I think he would have won. But I don’t think it was that important in the grand scheme of things.

    • Have you watched the match Mark? Because if you did, you must have seen how unhappy, frustrated and annoyed with himself Ronnie was. This wasn’t an act. It was important to him.

      • I watched a few parts here and there. I saw some more bad luck for Ronnie, such as potting a long red (and then going in off after flicking another ball) and potting another long red only to go a fraction of an inch too far to be nicely on the brown.

        I really think that playing Mark Selby takes a lot out of Ronnie. It’s unfortunate that they keep playing in QFs and SFs instead of Fs. When Ronnie beats Selby, I think he has a hard time regrouping and “getting up” for his next match. Beating Selby feels like winning a final, which makes it difficult to keep playing at a high level after that.

        In general, I feel like Ronnie’s game is trending in the right direction. But maybe I’m just wishful thinking.

      • No he definitely played a lot better this week, and certainly against Selby, but not today. He struggled with the conditions – the table had been recovered – and never really got in full control of his shots. He got very frustrated, annoyed with himself and unhappy. He looked sick with it in the end! Which in a way is a good sign. He definitely cares.

    • What is Ronnie’s chances in the shootout next week if he has any chance of qualifying for the Players Championship in Southport end of February as he lost to Kyren Wilson in the semi-finals in Cardiff

  3. Totally with you on that, Monique, I was really riding high after yesterday and it was finally a match of normal length, I didn’t expect the display from yesterday, but didn’t expect this either. Yes, there were moments of brilliance, but as the match went on, Ronnie just got worse and I could hardly believe those misses. It was a great chance for this 37th title finally, and if he cannot string together even 6 victories for a title, it’s not very promising for the future. It was a very good week until now and I wish there was something positive to think about, but this loss is indeed dispiriting and doesn’t leave much to look forward to this season, which turns out a big disappointment.

  4. I did fear that the table conditions might spoil the match, and I think it was a poor start which might have set the tone. Kyren Wilson is a very technical player, and managed to reset his cue-action in the second half, and hang on. At the same time, Ronnie was fighting with his technique, missing balls thick and thin. He just needs plenty of hard practice and preferably more matches – China Open would have been good but it’s gone…

    • Yes, Lewis, the conditions were very different from the previous days, than was obvious, and Kyren adapted better and quicker than Ronnie.

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