The 2020 UK Championship – Last 128 – Ronnie beat Leo Fernandez by 6-0

Ronnie wasted no time in beating Leo Fernandez by 6-0 yresterday evening. The match was just over one hour long…

Here are the scores:


Ronnie played very well although he appeared to lose his concentration a bit in the last frame and missed a few. He managed to wrap it up with a nice little clearance though…

The 121 in the second frame is century number 1070 for the Rocket.

and the full action:

And this is the report by WST:

O’Sullivan Pays Maradona Tribute After Win

UKC2020ROS-1Snooker’s six-time and current World Champion Ronnie O’Sullivan defeated Leo Fernandez 6-0 at the Betway UK Championship and afterwards paid tribute to the sporting legacy of football legend Diego Maradona, who sadly passed away today.

Snooker’s most celebrated star O’Sullivan, who has a record 37 ranking titles to his name, wasted little time dispatching his opponent this evening. The seven-time UK Champion fired in breaks of 121, 60, 59 and 73 on his way to a whitewash victory in just over an hour.

Afterwards the Rocket paid homage to footballing great Maradona, who captained Argentina to World Cup glory in 1986.

O’Sullivan said: “He’ll be forever remembered. He definitely did it in a real rock and roll style. He was an amazing talent and an amazing man. Just incredible, he was loved a bit like Roberto Duran in a way, who was the people’s champion with hands of stone. He was a true legend of the sporting world.

“I have always said I would rather have a short life with tremendous highs than a long life in which you are beige. Maradona had the world in his hands, like Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Muhammad Ali. We should celebrate what was a great life.

“There are probably 200 billion people that have come and gone in this world, but there are probably only ten people in the sporting world that have actually surpassed what we thought was humanly possible. Diego Mardona was one of them. It wasn’t just the way he played, but the passion and the emotion. You couldn’t help but get sucked into the energy he brought to the football field. Let alone the skill and the mesmeric way he did it.”

Not much else to add innit?