Snooker News – 08.08.2022

Live snooker returns tomorrow with the 2022 British Open qualifiers. Among the players scheduled to play tomorrow is Stephen Hendry. His opponent is Zhang Anda, the man who pushed Hendry all the way in the first round at the Crucible in 2010. Zhang, at the time was only 18.

But will Hendry be there? And if he plays, what can we expect? Those are the questions going through my mind after WST announced that Hendry has withdrawn from the 2022 Northern Ireland Open:

Stephen Hendry has pulled out of the BetVictor Northern Ireland Open and has been replaced in the draw by Zhao Jianbo.

Hendry was due to face Aaron Hill in the qualifying round later this month in Wigan. Hill will now take on Zhao instead.

Click here for the updated draw


No reason has been given, and maybe something important and unexpected happened forcing Hendry to withdraw. We don’t know of course, but I haven’t a good feeling about this, and going by reactions on twitter, I’m not the only one.

The 2022 European Masters qualifiers have been played already of course, and now WST has shared this trailer about the main event:

I’m glad to see snooker returning to Fürth and the event should be well attended but I’m still sad, and to an extend angry, at the way WST actually “killed” the biggest and best European Pro-Am by turning it into a ranking event.

Finally, after a long silence that triggered fears about the future of the World Seniors Tour, some reassuring news have emerged: dates, venues  for the 2023 World Seniors Championships and its qualifying events

7 thoughts on “Snooker News – 08.08.2022

  1. Yes, the ” great Pro-Am in Fürth” and the legendry start off parties 😉. But I’m glad that snooker finally is played in Fürth again. And this time – for the very first time – I have the chance to be there and watch snooker live. So I’m very excited and hardly can wait for it to start. Hope it will be a good tournament 😎👍✨

      • Thank you Monique 😊. Although I’m a bit sad that Ronnie had to pull out of the event, because I really would have liked to watch him play live (hope it is nothing too serious and that he will recover speedily). But with six tables playing and a lot of great and interesting players to choose from it certainly will be a treat to be there in person.🤩✨

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