21 November 2018 – Halifax

Halifax - Victoria Theatre - 21 November 2018

Sporting Life Stories, MJK Sports Events and Snooker Legends are proud to host:


Ladies and Gentleman,

On Nov 21st at the Victoria Theatre Halifax, Sporting Life Stories, MJK Sports Events and Snooker Legends are proud to host A SPORTING LIFE STORY with the ONE and only RONNIE O’SULLIVAN.

The Rocket’ stands alone as one of sport’s true characters in an age criticised for its lack of sporting personalities and at this event we hear about it ALL. From the early days of century breaks at the age of 10, through the major wins and 147s, we will also see footage of some of the most magical moments ever witnessed on the green baize on our giant viewing screens.

After hosting this event countless times before we could not pass up this unique opportunity to stage another exclusive night with the man himself at Halifax’s Victoria theatre.

VIP ticket holders will receive a signed paperback copy of Ronnie’s Autobiograpy and a commemorative printed picture of Ronnie presenting you the book that will be taken before the show.

In addition following the in depth interview of his life story, in his own words, an audience Q and A means YOU will have to chance to ask The Rocket a question too. This is Ronnie O’Sullivan as relaxed and open as you will ever see him. Ask anyone who has attended.

It was clear O’Sullivan was destined to be a superstar from the moment he picked up a cue. He was a prodigy, making his first century break aged 10 and his first maximum break aged 15. He turned 16 in 1992 and turned pro too.

His unique rapid playing style earned him the nickname “The Rocket” and he didn’t waste much time capturing his first title either. He won the 1993 UK Championship at the age of 17 years and 358 days, making him the youngest player ever to win a ranking title – a record he still holds. He is also the youngest player to have won the Masters, having won his first of many in 1995 at the age of 19 years and 69 days. Ronnie holds the record for the most competitive century breaks with a staggering 948. He also holds the record for the most ratified maximum breaks in professional competition (14) and who can forget, the quickest of which was compiled in 5 minutes and 20 seconds which you will see on the night on our big screens.

His record in Triple Crown events now stands at five World Championships, a record seven Masters and six UK Championship titles and on Nov 21st as well as many other things you will hear all about those victories from the man himself.

This really is a story and an event not to be missed.

In addition to Ronnie as always at this event John Virgo will be our very special guest. John is interviewed on the night where he take’s us back to have a look at snooker behind the scenes and what it was like back in the days of the snooker halls. As always John will be a brilliant addition to the evening and as always it will be a pleasure to have him along.

VVIP £55 Includes a signed copy of Ronnies autobiography and a picture with Ronnie that will be printed on the night.

VIP £45. Includes a picture with Ronnie that will be printed on the night.

Entry only. £30.

Source: MJK Sports Events