Exhibition in Bucharest – 5.10.2019 – Ronnie v Reanne Evans

Ronnie and Reanne Evans played and exhibition at the Clobul Circus in Bucharest on October, 5, 2019. The exhibition was also meant to honour the memory of Marius Ancuta, who sadly passed away in July 2018. Marius was Romania “Mister Snooker”, Eurosport commentator, Master of Ceremony and above all, a lover of the sport, who promoted it tirelessly.

Alex Crisan, the first Romanian top referee, was the man in the white gloves for the evening.

The evening began with an introduction and a tribute to Marius. Ronnie then played two frames of snooker, against two Romanian amateurs.

Here is this first part:

The second part was a best of seven match between Ronnie and Reanne. It started in extraordinary fashion, as Ronnie made a beautiful 147, the first ever maximum in Romania. Ronnie won the match by 4-2.

Here is the second part:

The above recording was made by Dana, a fan, sat in the audience. It’s an amateur recording, the light isn’t ideal and a few shots got lost but it’s the full show and very enjoyable to watch. It renders the atmosphere perfectly. Thank you Dana.

Here is another footage of the 147, as recorded by Sport.ro