Ronnie was on the radio yesterday

… speaking snooker and promoting his new book.

This is him on Soho Radio. Thanks to Silvry for bringing this one up

Very nice. I had some issues getting it to play and it did in the end but I’m not quite sure what was the problem. So if you get same issues and find out how to solve them, please comment.

So Ronnie must be already in China by the time of writing, and plays an exhibition in Shanghai tonight, before heading to Daqing. The International Championship starts on Sunday, so I suppose the red carpet thing and the launch dinner with the sponsors will be on Saturday.




A busy week-end

After qualifying for the Shanghai Masters on Friday, Ronnie obviously decided that he deserved to relax a bit ahead of the English Open starting tomorrow.

On Saturday he was marshalling at a cross-country event near Chigwell and supporting his daughter Lily who was competing in the under-13 race. Recently Ronnie has started running again, but with caution, because the injuries he has suffered aren’t completely healed yet.

Today he was on “Sunday Brunch”, on Channel 4, all smiles, eating cake, cooking fish and discussing snooker and his new book “Double-kiss”.

The episode is available here however you need to login to watch it, and provide an address in the UK or Ireland to be able to register.

This is Ronnie’s bit

The Ronnie Shows …

Ronnie was on “Victoria Derbyshire” Show, and on “The One Show” yesterday and gave two very nice interviews. This of course is part of the promotional campaign for his book “Framed” but there was more to those interviews than just the book.


You can watch both here.


Some press made a big fuss about Ronnie’s admission that he had been in hospital with a breakdown after his first round match in the World Championship 2016, yet it was nothing new. Indeed he had already mentioned this before the last World Championship as you can read here.

The full episode of The One Show is available, for 30 days, and in the UK only, here.



Ronnie on televison today … twice!

Ronnie will be on television today, talking about his book “Framed”


Himself tweeted

I’m on this morning BBC1 talking about my book.

Only “Victoria Derbyshire” show is  on BBC2, not BBC1, at 9 am UK time (10 am CET)

He will be on BBC1 for “the One Show”, early evening, at 7pm UK time (8 pm CET)

This was Jason Francis tweeting yesterday evening:

Early start for me as ronnie is on and tomorrow talking framed! Looking forward to it

Ronnie’s American Hustles – Episode 4

This is the last episode of the series … alas. I hope there will a sequel of sort because I thoroughly enjoyed every one of the four episodes.

In this one Ronnie and Matt are in San Francisco, riding Steve McQueen Ford Mustang.

They try themselves at American Football, visit Alcatraz, get involved in virtual pool and the hustler is hustled. Ronnie gets knocked down, jailed, tricked by the virtual reality and finally “frozen” … but he loves the lot!

You can watch it here:


Ronnie’s American Hustle – Episode 3

This time Ronnie and Matt are in Memphis and it’s another fantastic episode.

From Elvis Presley to Martin Luther King Jr, from building cues to playing the Scorpion, from cooking barbecues to a slow boat trip on the Mississippi, reading Mark Twain … it has something for everyone.

You can watch it here

The part that touched me most was the visit at the Human Rights Museum. Ronnie’s and Matt’s emotion were very strong and clearly totally genuine. I was 13 when Martin Luther King was assassinated, I can still remember the shock and the sadness I, like so many, felt. I cried … and I don’t cry easily.

Ronnie’s Sunday

Ronnie was in on Channel 4 Sunday Brunch yesterday speaking snooker, American Hustle and … cooking.


Here is what they cooked:

Sea Bream With Tomatoes, Basil and Mint

29 Jan 2017


Serves 2 – 4


4 sea bream fillets

oil to fry

salt & pepper

100g butter

about 6-8 plum tomatoes cut into 5mm rounds

100ml olive oil

1 green chilli, sliced into rounds

3 cloves sliced garlic

250ml white wine

juice and zest of 2 limes

20g mint

20g basil

serve with crusty buttered bread


1. To prepare the fish, oil the fish and season. Cook for 2 minutes each side, then baste with butter and drain.

2. For the tomatoes, heat half the olive oil until warm. Add the garlic and cook for 2 minutes.

3. Add the tomatoes and chilli and cook for 2 minutes.

4. Add the wine and cook approximately for 10 minutes until the tomatoes begin to break down.

5. Take off the heat, add lime and herbs.

6. Serve the fish on top of the tomatoes and serve with crusty buttered bread

He also talked a bit of his career, insisting that it’s hard work that earned him professional success and promoting his  American Hustle show. Going by reactions on twitter it was very funny. Not sure though that his comparison between snooker and pool using a golf analogy will go down well with Earl Strickland. Apparently, snooker is like playing in the Open in Augusta, whist pool is like playing crazy golf… mmm …

The episode is available (for 30 days starting yesterday) here but you need to register with them AND to have an address in the UK or Ireland … In this time and era, I don’t understand such restrictions! Grrr !!!

If the above doesn’t work for you either, there is this with just the part of the show involving Ronnie…