Farewell Bill Davis, father of six-time World Champion Steve

Yesterday Worldsnooker published this

Wednesday 30 Mar 2016 


Bill Davis, father of six-time World Champion Steve, has died at the age of 89.

Bill played a huge part in his son’s career, as a corner man and coach, as Steve dominated snooker throughout the 1980s.

Steve conquered the Crucible six times between 1981 and 1989, spent seven years as world number one, and as recently as 2010 reached the quarter-finals of the World Championship.

Steve Davis himself paid his father this very short but very moving tribute:

He loved the game more than me

Anyone who did read Steve’s biography – Interesting – will know how important his father was for Steve Davis career, and how close they were.

My thoughts go to Steve and his family in those difficult times.

And, wherever you are, Bill, thank you for this incredible gift you offered to snooker, and to us fans, without you Steve would never have been that interesting  …


Finally thanks to Jimmy White Fanatic on twitter who shared this marvelous image.

Ronnie O’Sullivan Show – 28 March 2016

Episode 4 of season 2 of the Ronnie O’ Sullivan show on Eurosport was out yesterday on ES UK and here it is if you don’t have the opportunity to watch it on TV

It starts with Ronnie’s masterclass where he does a recap of some of the most important and basic shots in the professional game.

The second part is a very funny chat with Joe Johnson who beat Steve Davis to win the 1986 World Championship, nearly 30 years ago. Ronnie and Joe reconstruct some of the key shots of the final frame … with Ronnie wearing Joe’s infamous shoes for the circumstance. Non English speakers might struggle with Joe fast speaking pace though.

In the last part, Ronnie talks us through his Masters and Welsh Open 2016 wins. He seems to have a much more positive outlook on his Masters performance now than he had back then in Alexandra Palace. All good.

Earlier this week Ronnie learned all about functional snooker with Steve Davis and pupils from Passmores Academy. He commented that “this is better than normal snooker, my children would love this. Not only is it fun but it helps you with your maths”


Back in Coventry and run to the Crucible …

Ronnie was back in Coventry on Easter Sunday and, going by fans reactions on twitter it was another great club night although little details emerged. I’m told Ronnie made “a few centuries” …

Fans reactions were extremely positive, and here is what the referee, Ian Nigel Wagstaff, tweeted after the show:

Pleasure and honour to referee for snookers finest ever player Ronnie O Sullivan once again tonight . Big thanks jason @Snookerlegends

Plus some pictures put by fans on twitter:

Other than that Sunday also saw the conclusion of the Players Championship Grand Final, with Mark Allen claiming the trophy. In his “Closing on the cut” blog , Matt Huart explains how things now stand regarding the run to the Crucible.

Here is an excerpt:

The Crucible Draw

For those who may not be aware, unlike other tournaments, the top 16 seeded players at the World Championship are placed in the draw in a very specific manner, for example the top seed is always scheduled to meet the 16th seed in the second round, the second seed is always poised to meet the 15th seed and so on.

That being the case, the last 16 draw is currently shaping up as follows:

Bingham (1) v Ding (16)

Perry (9) v Higgins (8)

O’Sullivan (5) v Gould (12)

Williams (13) v Robertson (4)

Murphy (3) v Fu (14)

Hawkins (11) v Allen (6)

Trump (7) v Walden (10)

White (15) v Selby (2)

Much can still change in China though as explained below…

Battle for Number 1

Following world number one Mark Selby’s withdrawal from the Players Championship and China Open events due to personal reasons, there is a possibility that the number one ranking could change hands for the first time since February 2015 following the China Open.

This can however only happen if Stuart Bingham were to win the tournament in Beijing, with no other result sufficient.

Of course, with Stuart Bingham already assured of being top seed for the World Championship as defending champion, the Crucible seedings list will be unaffected either way.

The Top Eight

Following Mark Allen’s victory at the Players Championship, he will climb to number six in the projected seedings, with at least a semi-final run from Judd Trump in Beijing needed to see the Northern Irishman head to the Crucible seeded any lower than that.

Only title victories by either Joe Perry or Ricky Walden in Beijing would be enough to see John Higgins miss out upon a top eight seeding for Sheffield.

It’s worth noting that Mark Allen is not in China, so sixth the highest he can come. Mathematically both Judd Trump and John Higgins could still overcome Ronnie, but Judd needs the final and John needs to win the tournament. As they are not in the same half of the draw, they could meet in the final.


In love with Denmark … 2

Not sure what it was in that danish pastry that he ate yesterday morning but Ronnie was in a strange – albeit rather cheerful – mood after it, judging by his tweets anyway …

Crondon park i love that place, want my ashes stashed there when I’m all done
Now that’s a salad
I love my socks and my shoes

Strange mood or not, it didn’t affect his form when it was time to play

Indeed here is Ron Florax account of the evening. Ron is Dutch, lives in Sweden and is the author of cuetracker , probably the most complete statistics site about snooker.

Exhibition with Ronnie!!!

The Rocket is here!!!

The Rocket has only played one frame so far and already had 50 & 67! Many thanks to Lasse & @Snookerlegends for bringing the king among us!

134 total clearance from Ronnie @Snookerlegends in Copenhagen! Un-be-lievable!!

80 in the third frame. Ronnie is on fire!

Ronnie now playing 12-times Danish champion Rune Kampe @Snookerlegends in Copenhagen!

107 from Ronnie, second century!

RONNIE’S DONE IT!!! 147 in Copenhagen @Snookerlegends

Also had a sneaky pic with a lovely lady! @MichaelaTabb

and he added this on his Facebook page:

I just witnesses 8 frames by the greatest snooker player of all time, think he had 2 tons, 5 further 50+ breaks and to close off the perfect frame, a 147 maximum break! Wonderful evening!

Jason Francis was also reporting on twitter:

Ronnie now playing poker legend @GusHansen

He has only done it again!!!! 147

A fantastic 147 break wraps up two great nights in Copenhagen

We will get the footage up of the 147 as soon as possible. Bear with us

And here it is, that 147 …

Plus some images posted on twitter by Ron Florax, Jason Francis and Michaela Tabb

And to conclude, here is Ronnie this morning on twitter …

Copenhagen is worth visiting just to see the airport it’s that good
Everyone in Denmark looks healthy, why? Even the unhealthiest looking person looks healthy here


In love with Denmark …

Ronnie is in Copenhagen and apparently he’s fallen in love with Denmark! He even loved the flight and the airport… mind you!

Here are some of his tweets (in their original spelling…)


Look at the food on Scandinavian airlines. It’s awesome. And i promise I’m not getting free flights for this


Even the airports fantastic, runs like clock work just like gatwick hahha


Breakfast in Denmark, this place is fantastic, no one locks there bikes up. Very cool place to visit

As for the show … this is what Jason Francis had to say on twitter:

Thank you for a great first night Copenhagen

Lasse the man who made it happen. Without people like him these overseas visits don’t happen #rockettour

And a few pictures posted on twitter:

Lasse is the guy next to Ronnie, and, if I got it right, the owner of the club.
The boy is Gustav Raffenberg, a 13 years old, and a serious prospect from Denmark. Ronnie played 4 frames against Gustav yesterday night. I don’t know how it went, but I know how Ronnie plays when facing young talents like Gustav: he always makes sure to give them opportunities to show what they are capable off.

Ronnie comes back to win in Bolton

It’s another week-end of snooker exhibitions for Ronnie and it started tonight in the Bolton Whites Hotel, in Bolton. As well as the snooker, the fans enjoyed a drink reception and a three course meal.

Ronnie beat Jimmy by 4-3, on the black ball shootout, having trailed 0-2 and 1-3. Michaela Tabb – proudly sporting a new pair of boots – was the referee and Dennis Taylor the host.

Here is Jason Francis account of the evening (source twitter):

  • Jimmy 1-0 up
  • Jimmy 2-0 up
  • The wind flying
  • Ronnie 6 reds 6 blacks……  #couldhe
  • 2-1 to Jimmy
  • Jimmy 3-1 up
  • Big break possible from Ronnie here but misses last red 102!! 3-2 Jimmy
  • Ronnie 83 and its 3/3
  • It’s Ronnie who wins tonight’s show 4-3 on the respot

Ronnie tweeted this right after the show:

Great night at Bolton top crowd and fantastic playing arena , hope to be back next year

And Michaela added

Top, top, top night at Bolton Whites Hotel with @Snookerlegends Amazing venue and surely the way forward?! Not a spare seat to be had!

Here some pictures posted by Jason and fans on twitter:


Next for Ronnie, tomorrow and Saturday is Copenhagen: first time in Denmark, and it’s two club nights already sold out. Then, on Sunday, Ronnie will be back at the Arches in Coventry.