Exhibitions news … and naughty spirit.

Eventually some news filtered from the exhibition(s) Ronnie did in China. He was in the Hong Kong area seeing friends, amongst them Liang Wenbo as well as Patsy Cheung and her family who, in the past, have been closely involved in the organisation of the General Cup in Hong Kong .

HongKongVenue - June 2018

HongKongVenue - textJune 2018

This venue is actually the Huizhou Olympic Stadium

Both Huizhou and Hong Kong are situated in the area of the Pearl River Delta, a region that is densely populated but also offers some stunning scenery if what Ronnie shared on his Instagram is anything to go by. The pictures above were also shared there.

Anyway… Ronnie and Liang did an exhibition in Huizhou, which Ronnie won by 4-2, making two centuries in the process, 121 and 108.

Patsy shared some images and a short video on her Facebook page. The video shows Ronnie, almost disappearing behind a gigantic bouquet of flowers made his entrance in the venue… She also allowed me to share her pictures. Thank you Patsy!

And Ronnie was quite active on twitter yesterday evening and in naughty spirit! Indeed he suggested that he might get to 999 centuries and then stop making them until he feels in the mood to clinch the 1000th … He also claimed that his 5’20” 147 was “disgusting” – mainly because he wasn’t in control of the white and was playing recovery shot after recovery shot to keep it going – and should be removed from youtube!

Oh and he’s looking forward to go back to Ireland to play mark Allen and get a good  bashing at his hands… he also intends to leave the 147s to Mark and take care of the 146s


Pro-am and Charity – the Pink Ribbon 2018


The Pink Ribbon is a pro-am tournament created by Paul Mount to raise funds for breast cancer charities and research. It started in 2010 and honours the memory of Suzanne Kay, Paul’s sister, who died from this terrible disease at a young age. It’s always played in great spirit at the excellent south West Snooker Academy home, the Capital Venue, in Gloucester, England. It’s both competitive and a lot of fun.

This is currently on the South West Snooker Academy Facebook

Pink Ribbon Charity Snooker Pro Am 2018
28th – 31st July
Enter now @ www.swsasnooker.com

It’s a Saturday – Day 1 start this year !!

Its the SWSA’s 9th annual Pink Ribbon. We are once again raising money and awareness for breast cancer. All funds raised will be donated to the Breast Cancer Now Foundation.

We are starting on a Saturday this year and once again all amateurs will be allowed to enter the draw twice!

Pink Ribbon Polo shirts once again is the dress code. You can buy them now through our SWSA Website.

The Holiday Inn Express Gloucester South (300yrd walk from SWSA) will also be offering rooms at a discounted price £70 per room per night.
Room are available from Fri 27th through to 1st Aug.
Ring 01452 726400 and quote ‘Snooker’ when booking

ENTER NOW at www.swsasnooker.com

Unusually it starts on a Saturday this year. It’s a great idea because many amateurs will be able to compete without needing to take a leave from work, unless they qualify for the pro stages. The pro stages start on the Monday, right after the Riga Masters 2018. Unfortunately it clashes with the Challenge Tour Event 2 …

The defending champion is Robert Milkins. Previous winners were Michael Holt, Mark Joyce, Stuart Bingham, Joe Perry, Peter Lines, Ronnie and Jamie Jones. Twice did an amateur reach the final, so they have a real chance.

Here is the album I made when Ronnie won it in 2015

Don’t hesitate to enter even if you play only occasionally and are not that good. It’s a great cause, an opportunity to see pro players close-up; they are relaxed and approachable. And if you don’t play, why not just come and watch. There will be plenty of good snooker played, by top amateurs and pros alike!

All players will be in pink… and so will the photographer.

Come and support!

Wexford, Ireland – 7 June 2018

Irish Tour 2018

Ronnie and Jimmy were in Wexford yesterday for the last exhibition of the “first leg” of Ronnie’s Irish Tour. Ronnie will be back from Monday 25th June, for another five nights, this time with Mark Allen. Don’t miss it if you are in Ireland!

Going by the feedback on twitter, Ronnie won the match by 5-3 and had three centuries during the night. One of those centuries came against the local amateur he played: the poor guy only had one shot – he broke off – then Ronnie stepped in and made a 140.

Jimmy who had been struggling a bit over the two previous matches, played better this time. agonizingly he got a kick on the 6th red when he looked good for a 147.

Here are a few images that were shared on twitter:

And before the match, Ronnie did indeed meet @coach_kavanagh who shared this on Instagram. There is also a video of the two in action…


Ronnie really enjoyed the experience: this is what he put on his own Instagram

Had a great session doing some UFC training with the main man @coach_kavanagh what a top guy he was, absolutely loved it.

Drogheda, Ireland – 6 June 2018

Irish Tour 2018

Ronnie was with Jimmy White in Drogheda last night for the third of his nine Irish Tour exhibitions.

Here is Conor O’Boyle report (Conor is the organiser of those exhibitions and kindly agreed to keep me in the picture … )

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 10.14.23Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 10.14.55Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 10.16.07

This last part was the answer to my question whether Benny was the same Benny  who made Ronnie suffer in their morning run!

Thank you Conor!

Here is frame 5 of the match

Ronnie also was out looking for the healthy eating option, and good company!


No wonder he loves his exhibitions!

And here two images shared by a fan on twitter


Letterkenny, Ireland – 5 June 2018

Irish Tour 2018

Ronnie was in Clanree Hotel , Letterkenny, to play Jimmy White yesterday evening and here is Conor’s report. Conor O’Boyle is the organiser of those events, and I really appreciate his help!

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 09.56.20


Peter O’Brien was the referee on duty and the setup looks very, very nice!

Prior to the exhibition Ronnie was interviewed by Gerry Kelly on 95.8 LM FM and here is the link to the podcast, thanks to Silvry, who found this gem. Ronnie is first on the show and the interview is about 16 minutes long. Nothing really new but quite nice all the same.

Ronnie on 95.8 LM FM with Gerry Kelly

And Ronnie found a great place to eat! He posted some images on his Instagram

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 10.16.25.png

He loved it so much that he took some “lunch boxes” away to eat before the show later that day !

Monaghan, Ireland – 4 June 2018

Ronnie and Mark Allen were in Hillgrove Hotel, Monaghan in Ireland yesterday for the first leg of Ronnie’s  Irish Tour 2018. There will be nine exhibitions in total, six with Mark, and three with Jimmy White.

Irish Tour 2018

It was packed yesterday evening, as you would expect when those two play each other in Ireland.

They played 10 frames and made 5 centuries between them: Ronnie had three – including a 125 and a 132 – and Mark had two – including a 147. Ronnie won the match by 5-3 but Mark of course will be eager to get revenge!

He tweeted this:

Great show with tonight here in Monaghan. Best set up I’ve seen for an Exhibtion and what a crowd. Ronnie won night one but I’ll get him back later in the month!! Mad a max to keep the crowd happy though. 1-0 Ronnie

Here are two short videos. Like the pictures above, those were shared on twitter by fans who attended the event. Thanks guys!

The first one shows the final moments of Mark’s 147

The second shows the last (exhibition) black of Ronnie’s third century in four consecutive frames!

It’s fair to say that the standard must have been very high!

Well done and thanks to Conor O’Boyle, the organiser of the events, who sent me the final  results.