Ronnie news and snooker news

Ronnie was out on social media today to confirm that the sequel of “Framed” will be out in November and its title is “Double Kiss”

On twitter:

my new book, out Nov but pre-order it here and i’ll sign it too. thanks for your support Ro x


And on Facebook

please to say my new book will be out in November. More stories of Frankie, you can order a signed copy here thanks for your support Ro x

As a reminder, here is the “trailer” …

The race is on. The stakes are high. Frankie James thought his troubles were behind him. He’s busy running his Soho Club, and his brother’s finally out of prison. But when a postcard arrives from Mallorca, he’s stopped in his tracks . . . Is it from his mother – the woman who’s been missing for eight years? When the goddaughter of London’s fiercest gangster, Tommy Riley, goes missing in Ibiza, Tommy knows there’s one man for the job – Frankie James. Just when Frankie was on the straight and narrow, he’s now faced with an impossible choice. If he agrees to help find Tanya, he’ll be thrown into a world of danger. If he doesn’t, Tommy could destroy him. For Frankie James, old habits die hard. One thing’s for sure, playing with this gang is no game. But with everything at stake, how can Frankie say no? Double-Kiss is the fast-paced, thrilling sequel to Framed, by snooker champion Ronnie O’Sullivan.

Note that, unfortunately, whsmith delivers only in the UK, so this offer is only valid for UK readers…

Now about the snooker

It transpired on social media earlier last week that the Shanghai Masters 2017 was still no certainty, that the deal wasn’t done yet and the entry pack not out. Worldsnooker has since removed the tournament from its “live scores” calendar, so I reckon it’s not going to happen. That the Shanghai Masters disappears is a shame, that the week between 13 and 19 November becomes free would be good news, in my opinion at least. I’m not sure how the top players, who are only human, were supposed to cope with playing in China for the International Championship, next in the Champion of Champions in Coventry, then in China again for the Shanghai Masters, then back to UK for the Northern Ireland Open considering that there isn’t a single “free” day in that schedule. It would not have been just about the hectic traveling, it would also be about how the human body adjusts to time difference and broken sleep patterns.  You can’t realistically expect them to play in every of those tournaments AND to perform at the top of their ability in each. That said there is still a “China Ranking Event” in Worldsnooker Calendar but unless it’s all 128 at the venue, I wonder when the qualifiers could possibly be played, Maybe right after the English Open? Anyway, personally, I hope it’s scratched.

Players are currently in Yushan for the World Open and there have been a few notorious casualties already: Mark Selby, Michael White, Liang Wenbo, Shaun Murphy, Barry Hawkins and Graeme Dott are all out already (*) as the last 32 is starting tomorrow. Apparently the venue and conditions are very good. But the trip to get there is quite long and tiring – it’s a rather remote place – and a number of players arrived without their cue or their luggage. This of course isn’t Worldsnooker fault, but the more connections and different transports are needed, the likelier these incidents become. And there are complaints about the hotel(s) too. Why not stick to big cities, with easy connections? Surely this would allow more fans to come and watch live as well?

(*) Ali Carter, the defending Champion and Ronnie didn’t enter, Judd Trump didn’t qualify.

Ronnie has safely arrived in Beijing

Just a short one as I’m traveling home today from Scunthorpe.


Super Star Online, the sponsor of the World Seniors Championship and also the sponsor of Ronnie in China, has put a short video on their weibo earlier this morning showing Ronnie in the car, en route to his hotel, and expressing his pleasure to be in China and saying he’s looking forward to the tournament and meeting the Chinese fans.

Good news!

In the news in China today …

This article has been published today in the Chinese media

Snooker superstars donate to Chinese welfare

By Chen Boyuan, October 21, 2016


Ronnie O’Sullivan confirms his attendance in the snooker International Championship 2016 on Oct. 20, 2016 in Beijing. [Photo by Chen Boyuan /]

International snooker superstars, including Ronnie O’Sullivan, John Higgins and Stephen Maguire, alongside top local players Liang Wenbo and Marco Fu, donated billiards facilities to an art school for Tibetan orphans in the suburb of Beijing on Thursday.

The donation from these elite players supports the effort to promote billiards-related social welfare in China under the plan of a newly established Billiards Fund program operated under the prestigious China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF).

English snooker player O’Sullivan donated three million yuan (US$444,868) to the fund which is jointly initiated by China Television Sports and Entertainment Company (CTSE), which operates China Central Television’s CCTV 5 sports channel and Guoyu Media in the city of Daqing.

O’Sullivan encouraged Tibetan students to succeed in life despite their difficulties. He was later joined by Higgins, Maguire and Liang to stage exhibition matches for the students while teaching them basic snooker skills.

O’Sullivan also confirmed his participation in the upcoming snooker International Championship 2016, and took the chance to explain that his absence in the tournament last year was due to personal “fatigue issues,” adding that the China tournament was not the only one he skipped last year. He will also serve as a consultant to help with the tournament’s promotion, according to a statement.

The International Championship in China is one of the most prestigious world ranking events. It immediately became the richest snooker tournament ever staged outside the United Kingdom when it was introduced in 2012 with a top prize of 125,000 British pounds.

Judd Trump won the inaugural title in the city of Chengdu. Home favorite Ding Junhui then won it in 2013, followed by Ricky Walden in 2014. In 2015, the event moved to Daqing for the first time and was won by John Higgins.

Apart from the abovementioned players that made the charity trip, Trump, Neil Robertson, and the current world No. 1 Mark Selby, as well as over 10 Chinese players have confirmed their attendance for the tournament to be held in Daqing from Oct. 23 to 30.

Busy day in China for Ronnie

Ronnie arrived yesterday in China and the least we can say is that he’s been kept very busy!

He was welcomed by LE TV, a major sport channel at their headquarters but from what I understood from weibo, it was a lot about music. He met the fans, signed autographs and did a bit of coaching too …


He also took part in the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation Billiards Charity Fund launch ceremony, held in one of Soong Ching Ling former residences in Beijing. WPBSA Chairman Jason Ferguson was present as well. 

Of course Ronnie is in China primarily for the International Championship 2016 and he is due to do some work for the sponsor as well as playing. The tournament starts on Sunday and Ronnie’s first match, a last 64 against Xia Guodong, is scheduled on Monday evening (local time, hence afternoon in Europe).

Pictures source: weibo. 

Ronnie personally donated 300 000$ to the Charity fund.



and he shared this on weibo:

Very proud day announcing my work with the Soong Ching Ling foundation



Today, Ronnie announced the publication of his new book, a crime novel, with this message:

Book launch is 17th November, hope you like it, Ro


Interested? Here is the amazon link .

Frankie James is a young man with a lot on his shoulders. His mother disappeared when he was fifteen; his father’s in jail for armed robbery; and he owes rent on the SoHo snooker club he inherited to one of London’s toughest gangsters. Things, you’d think, can only get better. Actually, they’re about to get a whole lot worse.

He always swore to his mum he’d keep his younger, wilder brother out of trouble, but when Jack turns up at the club early in the morning, covered in someone else’s blood, with no memory of the night before, and with the cops hard on his heels, it seems there’s no way Frankie can make good on his promise. With Jack banged up, awaiting trial for the vicious murder of a bride-to-be – a murder that’s sparked an even more vicious gang war between London’s two foremost crime families – Frankie knows a conviction could quickly turn into a death sentence.

To prevent that from happening, he needs to find out who framed Jack and why, but that means entering the sordid world of bent coppers, ruthless mobsters and twisted killers that he’s tried all his life to avoid getting sucked into. Now, however, he no longer has any choice. But in the dog-eat-dog underworld of 1980s SoHo, is he tough enough, and smart enough to come out on top?

Clearly the plot was inspired by Ronnie’s own live experience …

Steve Davis about Ronnie’s OBE



Steve Davis has hailed Ronnie O’Sullivan’s OBE in the New Year Honours list as long overdue.

The Rocket has almost certainly attracted more new players and more television viewers to the sport in the past 20 years than any other player.

But despite the five world titles, 56 career trophies and a host of records more formal recognition of his feats and a profile stretching way outside his own sport had been a little slow in coming.

The 58-year-old Davis, also an OBE for winning six world titles and his TV and community work, said: “It did make me laugh that Ronnie has come straight in there as an OBE.

“Some of us had to pay our dues with an MBE first and were then fortunate to be upgraded! But Ronnie is straight into the hit parade with the big one.

“But seriously, it is marvellous news. Ronnie has been the Tiger Woods of our sport for a long time.

“And it had got to the stage where you were wondering why he hadn’t got something from the powers that be. It is really nice it has happened.

“He has done enormous good for the game, and the world and all the fans who love him are desperate to see him play. It is great and well deserved.”

O’Sullivan joins Davis, along with namesakes Joe and Fred, and Terry Griffiths as OBEs on the snooker honours board.

Others associated with snooker to have been awarded MBE honours include Stephen Hendry, Ray Reardon, John Higgins, Mark Williams, John Parrott, Jimmy White, Vera Selby, Len Ganley and Ted Lowe.