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Rocket Ronnie’s American Hustle’

By Patrick Munn | July 28, 2016 – 9:57 am |

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History UK has ordered Rocket Ronnie’s American Hustle, a four episode travelogue fronted by Ronnie O’Sullivan which follows the snooker champion as he travels to the United States to discover the history and characters involved in the game of pool.ronnie-osullivan-300x200

Rocket Ronnie’s American Hustle will see O’Sullivan joined by sports broadcaster and friend Matt Smith, as they explore all facets of pool culture in the USA. The duo will visit some of America’s most exciting and historic cities, discovering their hidden gems and highlights as well as seeking out local pool sharks and playing them at their own game.

“I’m excited to be travelling with my mate, Matt Smith, across America”, Ronnie O’Sullivan said in a statement. “There will be some places I’ve never been to before and I’m looking forward to working with History as it’s the channel that’s letting me do something different and indulge my sense of adventure.”

The four-part travelogue was commissioned by History UK’s Director of Programming Rachel Job and is being produced by independent production company North One Television. Chris Amess is the series producer, while John Quinn will executive produce for North One and Diana Carter will executive produce for History UK. All3media International will handle global sales.

“History is excited to be working with British sporting icon Ronnie O’Sullivan, taking viewers on this unique US road trip”, added History UK’s Director of Programming Rachel Job. “This commission continues History’s track record in bringing much-loved British household names to the channel to share their passion for diverse topics and pursuits – from Sean Bean on Waterloo to Shaun Ryder’s UFOs as well as working with Freddie Flintoff as our History brand ambassador in the UK.”

From Alcatraz to American Football

Ronnie’s trip to America comes to an end and he really enjoyed it.

America is a great country, I’ve had the best 3 weeks out here, can’t wait to come back 3hearts

Himself and Laila continued to visit San Francisco, and went to visit the island of Alcatraz. This, inevitably prompted a tweet by a fan, asking if he had escaped, but there is much more to the island than the infamous penitentiary as you can see by reading the article linked above.

Here are a few pictures – Alcatraz island and San Francisco – posted by Laila and Matt Smith , who works as a broadcaster with BBC and Eurosport.

But there was also work to be done: Ronnie and Matt Smith went to visit the San Fancisco 49’s, and Ronnie of course tried himself at American football, as he tweeted:

Played some football with the @49ers today @msmith850

and Matt added:

Great fun wi @ronnieo147 & the #49ers @Levi‘s Stadium. Luckily DL Quinton Dial let us live!

Ronnie about the season ahead …

Ronnie was on twitter yesterday, telling fans about the season ahead

Not sure I can play in the Scottish open this year I’m gutted

I’m committed to doing other work with sponsors, and I can’t get out of it, I’m gutted, I fancied having a go at getting the 1 million bonus

In answer to fans asking if he could possibly re-arrange his schedule

I’m trying but it’s proving difficult.. I’m hoping it works out I can play, I love the Scottish open

they have a big show they want me to do. And I can’t get out of it

it’s not a snooker sponsor it’s my other sponsors

I’ve not pulled out of events for the last 3 years.. I just don’t enter if I’m not sure I’m free to play

it’s not their fault.They have given me their loyalty, and I need to give the same loyalties back. It’s 2 way road

I’ve asked my agent to find a way to make it possible. I love playing in the major events

I love playing in the good events. But thanks for the message of support

Asked if he is going to play in the English Open

yes I am  Shades&Billiiards

Asked if he is going to play in the Irish Open

I’ll let you know once I’ve entered but I plan on playing in it

@Snookerlegends will let you know once I’ve entered events, don’t want anyone being misled in what I am and ain’t playing in

Asked if he is going to miss the Senior World Championship

yes I will miss it very much, but the event should only apply to players not on the main tour

Overall that’s very good news.

San Francisco …

Ronnie has arrived in San Francisco, last leg of “the hustle” …

Before leaving Memphis, he visited the Martin Luther King museum and was really impressed. Here is what he tweeted:

If you haven’t been I recommend you to go to the martin Luther king museum in Memphis

And here are some pictures posted on twitter by Laila, who was very impressed as well, stating that she felt humbled, visiting the place.

This was their last – beautiful – view of Memphis


Now in San Francisco, Ronnie tweeted:

I love San Francisco

The food and lifestyle is first class

As himself and Laila shared some pictures on twitter and Facebook

And on facebook Ronnie added

Wheels for today…


Nice! A bit retro maybe?


Memphis Kings

Next stop in Ronnie’s American trip is Memphis.

Raj went back home, but Ronnie and Laila continue their work + fun tour and of course had to visit  Graceland,  as a tribute to Elvis Presley.

Ronnie even tried himself at Elvis pool table, prompting Laila to tweet:

The Rocket @ronnieo147 having a go on Elvis Presley’s pool table. When in Graceland you do as The King did

She also put a few pictures on twitter:

She also shared this video yesterday, (to watch it, follow the link)


Not sure Ronnie is quite ready to record a single just yet, and follow the steps of Peter Ebdon … but hey! ♥

For those who don’t get what I mean about Peter Ebdon, here it is …

In 1996, Peter recorded a version of the David Cassidy song “I Am a Clown”, and it was released as a single. He has also released a second single, “Fall of Paradise”, with a video filmed at Burnley’s Afterlife Club.


Anyway, Ronnie, on twitter, bid goodbye to the day with this beauty

View over the Mississippi in Memphis





Ronnie, Laila and Raj Hundal are currently in Chicago, mixing work and fun if the pictures and tweets by Raj, Laila and Matt Smith are anything to go by …


Raj tweeted this today:

@ronnieo147  & @BlackWidow are too cool for pool if you ask me!!!

#Rocket #BlackWidow #Hitman

Luv working with my big bro @ronnieo147 … The vibe is always positive and we stay laughing!!

#TheHustle #Chicago

“Black Widow” is the nickname of Jeanette Lee, an american pool player, and apparently she “schooled” Ronnie at straight pool the other day!

And if you wonder what happened to Ronnie’s hair in that last row picture left … well,  Chicago is known as the “Windy City”. 1f602

It’s really nice to see them all smiling and happy!