San Francisco …

Ronnie has arrived in San Francisco, last leg of “the hustle” …

Before leaving Memphis, he visited the Martin Luther King museum and was really impressed. Here is what he tweeted:

If you haven’t been I recommend you to go to the martin Luther king museum in Memphis

And here are some pictures posted on twitter by Laila, who was very impressed as well, stating that she felt humbled, visiting the place.

This was their last – beautiful – view of Memphis


Now in San Francisco, Ronnie tweeted:

I love San Francisco

The food and lifestyle is first class

As himself and Laila shared some pictures on twitter and Facebook

And on facebook Ronnie added

Wheels for today…


Nice! A bit retro maybe?


One thought on “San Francisco …

  1. Fantastic to see you guys are having a great time…. Loving the Mustang…..Retro ? deffo, nowt wrong with a bit of Steve McQueen action whilst in Frisco…Take care.

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