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  1. I do not have a Twitter or Facebook acount,but i do wish to say Ronnie that Arthur robinstein the pianist ones said during a competition on his name,that the pianists he so playing have an amazing technical abilities, much better then his,but its the soul in their playing that he miss.i think thats what Ronnie is trying to say about the new generation of players. I mean jude trump is a wonderful player and a hard worker that deserves what he gets. But watching ronnie play makes me alive. So i hope and wish Ronnie many more years to come on the snooker table. Other wise it will boring . . .

  2. Hello Monique,
    maybe the following podcast might be of interest for Ronnie fans
    (just came across it and wanted to share it …). It is an interview of Ronnie obviously taken today at the BBC Radio studio.

    The Podcast is available on iPlayer Radio
    Episode from Outlook, 14 June 2017

    Here is the abstract given on the website:

    The Secret Life of Ronnie O’Sullivan

    Ronnie O’Sullivan is a superstar in the world of snooker having won the world championship five times. Ronnie has had a very dramatic life and has just written a thriller novel called Framed set in the part of London where he grew up – Soho. The area is famous for its sex shops, late night bars and seedy characters. Ronnie’s dad ran a pornographic magazine business, and went to jail for murder.


    • Thank you Silvry. Knowing Ronnie had been at the BBC2 studio in the morning, for an interview, I was looking for this one as well, but you beat me to it!

  3. Hello Monique

    See my 6 ball challenge on snooker legends youtube – Ronnie said its too difficult !!! 5,000+ hits so far……….

    Rgds Nigel

  4. Hello Just to say under upcoming exhibitions Lincoln in January is now changed to Lincoln in May – see – tickets selling fast !

    • All. Please note the Lincoln event is Friday may 5 2017 not 17 may. All tickets sold out apart from 2 premium tickets face value £80. To buy please e mail your bid and name and contact number to closing date – Sunday 30 April at 8pm. Surplus monies from the event to go to WDBS. Look forward to hearing from you

  5. My heartfelt thanks!
    Dear Monique,
    with admirable abandon you maintain the Ronnie fan website, make every effort and invest your time promptly to keep it up-to-date and as a result to keep us, the Ronnie fans, informed. It’s a heartfelt need again to thank you for this service, it’s really great. And certainly I’m not the only one who highly appreciates it, but I’m convinced countless Ronnie fans do agree. I mean this in a general sense, not only because of the current exhibitions here in Germany, they just are the trigger to contact you right now.
    BTW as much as I like Ronnie and his snooker but hopefully he doesn’t overdo it. Considering his schedule there’s hardly time for any private or his beloved sports activities. Hopefully it’s not a matter of time up to a bad mental or physical breakdown. Well he’s a man of extremes, even so …
    Anyway thanks again to you, Monique, and best wishes from Ute Müller / Germany – 22. May 2016

    • Thank you Ute. As for Ronnie, yes, this last 10 days have been hectic, and he has a few more in the first half of June, but he should have a good long break over the summer.

  6. Dear Ronnie O Sullivan Team,

    I woukd like to get an autograph of Ronnie! How can I get one?

    Thanks and best regards


  7. Dear Monique,
    thank you for your touching Christmas wishes and thoughts. Amazing you always find the right words. Likewise some silent, peaceful and hopefully healthy days to you and your family, and a Happy New Year. You know I highly appreciate your activities concerning snooker and Ronnie in particular. So again thanks as well for this. Best wishes, Ute Müller from Germany

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