From Alcatraz to American Football

Ronnie’s trip to America comes to an end and he really enjoyed it.

America is a great country, I’ve had the best 3 weeks out here, can’t wait to come back 3hearts

Himself and Laila continued to visit San Francisco, and went to visit the island of Alcatraz. This, inevitably prompted a tweet by a fan, asking if he had escaped, but there is much more to the island than the infamous penitentiary as you can see by reading the article linked above.

Here are a few pictures – Alcatraz island and San Francisco – posted by Laila and Matt Smith , who works as a broadcaster with BBC and Eurosport.

But there was also work to be done: Ronnie and Matt Smith went to visit the San Fancisco 49’s, and Ronnie of course tried himself at American football, as he tweeted:

Played some football with the @49ers today @msmith850

and Matt added:

Great fun wi @ronnieo147 & the #49ers @Levi‘s Stadium. Luckily DL Quinton Dial let us live!

3 thoughts on “From Alcatraz to American Football

  1. HI Ronnie i note from your comments that you liked the Americas

    Would like to know when are you coming to Montreal Quebec Canada

    Great City cheers leonard

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