Ronnie, Laila and Raj Hundal are currently in Chicago, mixing work and fun if the pictures and tweets by Raj, Laila and Matt Smith are anything to go by …


Raj tweeted this today:

@ronnieo147  & @BlackWidow are too cool for pool if you ask me!!!

#Rocket #BlackWidow #Hitman

Luv working with my big bro @ronnieo147 … The vibe is always positive and we stay laughing!!

#TheHustle #Chicago

“Black Widow” is the nickname of Jeanette Lee, an american pool player, and apparently she “schooled” Ronnie at straight pool the other day!

And if you wonder what happened to Ronnie’s hair in that last row picture left … well,  Chicago is known as the “Windy City”. 1f602

It’s really nice to see them all smiling and happy!