Exhibition in Pot Black – Clacton-on-Sea, 15 July 2017

Ronnie took on 8 local amateurs yesterday evening in the Pot Black club in Clacton-on-Sea. He won all 8 frames and had a 113, but Aidan Owens, the club owner ran him, very, very close. Indeed the frame was decided on the last pink. Aidan narrowly lost to Stephen Hendry last season in the Seniors World Championship: it went to a re-spotted black in the deciding frame!. So he’s a very useful player.

Ronnie signed LOADS of goods, and had any numbers of selfies with fans. Great fun!

John Virgo provided running commentary and put some fans to work!

If was packed as you can imagine! Thanks to Snooker Legends for offering the fans with this great entertainment.


And Clacton-on-Sea is quite funny in itself. Judge by yourself by looking at these pictures.


Money raised for Disability Snooker

I had hinted at the fact that the Lincoln Exhibition last Friday would raise money for Disability Snooker. Here is the report by Matt Huart on the WDBS site. 

Money Raised For WDBS

Over £1,000 was raised for World Disability Billiards and Snooker (WDBS) last Friday an exhibition event held in Lincoln by Snooker Legends.

Featuring five-time world champion Ronnie O’Sullivan and BBC commentator John Virgo, the event was organised by former WDBS event winner Nigel Coton and saw the Rocket in top form as he made seven century breaks from nine frames, including a maximum 147 during the evening.

As had been agreed prior to the event, surplus funds raised will be donated to the WDBS. The money, totalling £1,147 will be incorporated into the overall prize fund for the inaugural WDBS Welsh Open, to be held at Redz Snooker Club on 30 June – 2 July 2017.

On hand to receive the donation on behalf of the WDBS were regular players Daniel Blunn and Joe Hardstaff, both of whom had the opportunity to meet and have photographs with O’Sullivan.

Well done to all!

Exhibition in Gosport – 7 May 2017

Ronnie was in Gosport yesterday night for a third exhibition in three days and it was again a great night. He won all his matches, had a 116 and two attempts at a maximum, ending on 96.

You can watch the last balls of the first one here:

He also got to play against Suzie Opacic, one of the leading Ladies players. Apparently It came as a surprise to Suzie that she was playing Ronnie as she didn’t even have her cue with her! But she totally enjoyed the occasion: read her account on her facebook page, it comes with some photos too!

Chuffed to bits to have had a frame against Ronnie O’Sullivan tonight with John Virgo as MC. I enjoyed every second of the 2 shots I had! 😂 Glued Ronnie to baulk cushion on first safety shot, he missed reds completely so I stuck him back in, I then missed a long red off his safety and he had 116 break. To have shared the baize with a pure genius of the game is a memory I’ll never forget!

And a few more pictures, posted by Jason Francis and fans

Jason also shared this video on youtube, it’s the 147 Ronnie made on Friday night in Lincoln. Enjoy!

9 frames, 7 tons including a 147 : Ronnie was in Lincoln!

May is exhibitions time in snooker, the main tour taking a break after the World Championship and Ronnie started with a bang!


Yesterday evening he played in Lincoln, and made 7 centuries in 9 frames! Needless to say, the crowd and organisers were delighted!

You can watch the last balls of the maxi here (video shared on facebook by Snooker Legends):

The event was played in support of World Disability Billiard and Snooker and I’m particularly happy for the club owner, Nigel Cotton who is a disabled snooker player himself and a very good one!

Here are a few more pictures shared on social media by Jason Francis and fans:


tonight Ronnie will be in Turnbridge Wells



Irish Legends Cup 2017 – Team England wins the decider by 18-13

Team England won the “decider” in Goffs by 18-13. On the second day of the Cup, they steadily increased their lead, finishing session 3 on a 11-7 score, and bettering it to 16-10 after session 4. The Irish Team put on a gallant fight in the second part of the last session and in the black ball shootout out phase, but England needed on 2 more points by then, which Ronnie and Mark Selby provided!

With the line-up being all professional players this time, the quality of the snooker was very high, everyone played great. Jimmy White in particular played really, really well and if he can carry that to the professional competitions he has every chance to secure his professional status for the next two years through the one year list; he’s already well placed to do this. Mark Selby had the highest break, a 127 or 128 … not sure anymore. Everyone enjoyed themselves, the players as much as the crowd. The Irish crowd BTW was of course supporting their team, but showed great sporting spirit and appreciation for all the players performances.

Ronnie played well too, his safety game was outstanding at times. Only his long game wasn’t quite at its best level (yet). He won all but one of his single matches, and the one he lost probably provided the most exciting frame of the whole week-end. Ronnie had taken full advantage of Mark Allen’s weak-ish break-off and knocked in a long red followed by 8 other reds and 9 blacks. However, the split, from the 9th black, hadn’t really worked out that well and, although the balls were spread, he was on nothing easy, and in particular no red that would allow him to comfortably get back on the black next. He though long and hard about it, but, being the entertainer he is, eventually decided to attempt a difficult long red to the green bag, and to screw back for the black. He got the position, but not the pot. Mark Allen came to the table 72 behind, with 75 on … and cleared to win by 73-72. It was far from straightforward. In particular he didn’t land on the last pink as he wanted and had to go for a difficult pot, combined with a difficult positional shot. He made the pot but finished so close to the black it was nearly touching. He also thought long and hard and decided to try to pot the black anyway … and got it, prompting a massive roar from the crowd. Ronnie got his revenge when they met again in the next session, making no mistake this time and knocking in a 116 … Yes those events ARE competitive!

Here are the pictures albums on facebook:

Session three

Session four (final session)

And here are some pictures of Ronnie in action:

Irish Legends Cup 2017 -England leads 7-5 at the end of day 1

And it certainly didn’t look that way when they trailed 5-2 after the first double of the second session! Mark Selby and Kyren Wilson are both debutants in the Legends Cups and none of them two had ever played in Goffs. It’s a very intimidating venue, often compared to a bear pit, and both needed time to find their foot in there. Actually Mark had failed to pot a single ball during the first session! He got teased relentlessly about it by John Virgo and Dennis Taylor.

Ronnie played very well in the balls, but wouldn’t be happy with his long potting, nor with the odd lapse of concentration that cost him a black off the spot. But he won both his single matches.

So England starts today with a 2 points lead, but it means very little when the goal is to reach 18 and you’re on 7 … Plenty of twists, turns and drama in store!

Here are the pictures albums on Facebook:

The first session

The second session

And some images of Ronnie in action yesterday, with pen and cue.