The 2022 London Masters

The 2022 London Masters was played this week-end at the Alexandre Palace theatre.

The event was won by Ronnie who beat Stephen Hendry by 6-3 in the final.

On Saturday, Reanne Evans played Stephen Hendry in the afternoon, and Ronnie played Jimmy White in the evening. Stephen beat Reanne by 6-4, Ronnie beat Jimmy by 6-5. Ronnie was 3-1 down at the MSI and needed two snookers in the decider.

On Sunday, the afternoon started with some “Snooker Cabaret” before Jimmy beat Reanne by 4-1 in the “Small Final”.  In the evening, the theatre was packed. Ronnie lead Stephen Hendry by 4-0 at the MSI. Stephen fought back to trail only 5-3, but it was in vain as Ronnie took the next frame to win by 6-3.

They had an illustious visitor in the person of Sir Ian McKellen, who played Gandalf. It was allegedly the first time that Sir Ian attended a snooker match live. Hopefully he was treated with some table wizzardy.

Here are some pictures taken over the week-end and shared on social media, mainly by Jason Francis.


The fitters who set the table also shared an interesting video about the process of building and tuning the table at the venue before the event.







Ronnie exhibition in Huddersfield

Ronnie was in Huddersfield yesterday for the second exhibition this week. As usual, feedback on social media has been excellent.

This is what Jason sent me yesterday after the exhibition:

131 and 103. We introduced safety measures so no meet and greet to protect people. Nice new club, ronnie was very impressed with young lad called Stanley. We are on shut down now but hopefully by the next exhibition on 16th April things will be better. Ronnie is very concerned about coronavirus and asks people to take it seriously and keep well

Yong Stanley lead Ronnie by 60 before Ronnie cleared with 61. Here is Stanley with Ronnie, and a view of the club …


Jason also shared this video


And this was shared by the club owner

Reanne Evans is the Women World Champion 2019 …it’s her n° 12!

Reanne Evans won the Women World Championship 2019, beating Nutcharut Wongharuthai by 6-3 in Bangkog yesterday evening. Here is the report by WPBSA.

Evans Wins Record 12th World Championship Title

  • 23rd June 2019

England’s Reanne Evans has won the World Women’s Snooker Championship for a record-extending 12th time following a 6-3 victory against Thailand’s Nutcharut Wongharuthai in Bangkok this evening.

The world number one has had to watch Hong Kong’s Ng On Yee lift the trophy during each of the past two years since her last success in 2016 but this time was not to be denied as she emerged from a high-quality international field of 53 players to reclaim the biggest title in women’s snooker.

The final proved to be a high-quality affair, 19-year-old Wongharuthai taking the opening frame with a break of 61 before Evans claimed the next two to hit the front.

The following two frames were shared to give Evans a 3-2 lead at the mid-session interval, before the Dudley star added the sixth to move two clear for the first time.

Back came Wongharuthai with a break of 56 but it was Evans who was to finish in style, a tournament-high run of 92 enough to secure the high break prize before she claimed what would prove to be the final frame with a run of 43 to seal the title.

“It feels pretty good!” said a thrilled Evans shortly after the final. “It has been a long time coming after my 11th and it does mean more after losing during the past two years. I had such a good run [winning the title 10 years in a row from 2005-2014] but it obviously has been frustrating and gutting for that to end and to have lost a bit of confidence.

“The final was really tight all the way through. I was a little bit edgy at the start but I still felt good and towards the end I felt even better, I wasn’t letting it go this year.”

Despite her loss in today’s final, Evans was impressed by her young opponent who continues to show improvement in her game.

“You can tell her shot selection is getting better,” added Evans. “Her technique is brilliant, she is a lovely person and her temperament is great. She laughs everything off and just gets on with it, that’s the right way to be.”

Evans reflected on what has been a fantastic week for women’s snooker which saw the staging of the inaugural Women’s Snooker World Cup and the biggest World Championship for a generation with players having travelled from 14 different countries to compete.

“I’m really happy because the standard has been so good here this year,” continued Dudley’s Evans. “It could have been anyone winning it from the quarter-finals stage and fingers crossed that these players will keep competing and inspire others to play. I’m just happy to win against all the youngsters now, they are so attacking. A few shot selections have let them down but that’s about it and that comes with experience.

“The tournament has been amazing, one of the best ones ever. The facilities have been top class, the hospitality has been fantastic, it has been well-run and all the people have been brilliant. It has also been amazing to have so many matches streamed live which will only add to the interest in women’s snooker.”

Earlier in the day Evans came through a tough semi-final contest against another Thai player Baipat Siripaporn winning 5-3, while Wongharuthai ended the challenge of 12-time European champion Wendy Jans 5-2.

The victory represents a sixth ranking event title success of the season for Evans and extends a streak dating back to her maiden title in 2005 of the World Women’s Snooker Championship being won by her and three-time champion Ng On Yee.

There was victory for Hong Kong in the Challenge Cup event for players who did not make it to the knockout rounds of the main competition as So Man Yan defeated India’s Chitra Magimairaj 3-2 in the final.

Congratulations Reanne!

As for Mink, she did herself and her country proud. She’s only 19 and is improving rapidly. She has been working with Stuart Pettman over the last months and it pays off. Stuart Pettman is a former pro. He never was a top player, but he certainly wasn’t a numpty either. When he left the main tour, he wrote a book: “Stuart Pettman: As Sometimes Seen on TV”. It’s one of the best snooker books I ever read. It’s a bitter-sweet insight in the life of a journeyman on the tour. Here is the review Matt Huart did at the time. I’m not sure if the book is still available, via Matt or otherwise.

It was an enjoyable competition to watch, with an excellent coverage. The level is rapidly improving on the Women circuit. The whole organisation was fantastic and the owner of the club should be proud. He came on social media with this:

I am grateful that I am being a manager here at the Hi End Snooker Club Thailand because it gives me a chance to meet you I wish you all the best for all that you do and would like to say thank you for making this possible.

Hope to see you again soon for the next World Championship Tournament.
Thank you very much.

Sawaddee krub🙏🏻 Hi-End Team

Well done Gappa Gappa! 

You will find all the detailed results on snookerscores

All the pictures taken during the final are here, available on Facebook

A Night of 1000 Centuries

Is the new tour Jason Francis is planning with Ronnie coming June and July. Some very special limited items will be available ONLY on those nights, commemorating the “1000 centuries” achievement.

Jason is looking for clubs able to host those “Nights”. Here is what he posted on social media. If you are a club owner and interested please contact Jason. If you are a fan and want to go to one of those events … DO NOT contact Jason. Places and dates have not yet been organised. When they are I will publish all the info on this blog.

If your club fancies staging one of our ‘A Night of 1000 Centuries’ Ronnie shows then please email me as I will have some dates in June and July. maximum audience of 200 so very intimate and allows Ronnie to meet EVERYONE email

Looking forward to it!

Hartlepool – 23.11.2018

Hartlepool - Mill House 23 November 2018

According to what transpired on social media, it was another great night, with Ronnie having 6 centuries in 8 frames he played… 

He also gave the fans plenty of time.

This is a short video that was shared on twitter:

This was Ronnie’s reaction – on twitter – to the night

Great night at Hartlepool last night, thanks for everyone who came out to watch, top crowd,🙏 I was on good form last night, and I don’t think it can get any better then that 😜

And when asked if he had a 147, he answered this

No, but some super snooker was played, cue ball was inch perfect all night😜 that’s what I love about this game😜

I’ll add more if/when I find it …

Ronnie in Gateshead – 22 November 2018

Ronnie was in Gateshead yesterday for the second night of a three stands tour.

This is what happened, as reported by Jason Francis on twitter:

8 frames made 4 tons on the bounce then 85 and finished with his 5 th ton a brilliant 147 maximum genius. Hartlepool tomorrow

Apparently, those tons were 137, 130, 130, 122 an.d 147

Those images were shared on social media.

and this was Ronnie’s reaction:

Amazing crowd tonight in Gateshead, it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to perform for you all, and such friendly people, big up to the northeast

This is a short video posted by a fan on twitter – probably the last balls of the 147

And another one

As well as this one – an entire frame here – captured in an original way

Also  this video emerged from Ronnie’s performance yesterday in Halifax, thanks to krdlr who found it!



From Snooker Legends to World Seniors Snooker Tour



Jason Francis, creator of Snooker Legends, chairman of the World Seniors Snooker Tour and the man who has been at Ronnie’s side for about five years, tells us about his snooker and business journey since the creation of Snooker Legends in 2010 until today and the building of a viable, well organised and international Seniors Tour.

This is the “second edition” of Jason’s story, but even if you did read the first one, you will find plenty more interesting  stuff in this one.

Jason here is the narrator of his own story, and the whole book takes us through his dreams, his endeavours, his experiences – good and lesss good – and his emotions, from the day he thought about creating snookers shows featuring Legends of the game, and Alex Higgins in particular, to the idea of a proper Seniors Tour giving a future in the sport to those who have given so much to it, still love it with a passion, but aren’t quite good or strong enough anymore for the very competitive main Tour and its hectic schedule.

Along the way, Jason tells us about the players he’s been working with. Jason is a positive person and, clearly, he focuses on the good in people rather than their weaknesses. He’s telling us about the real persons, not the stereotyped images crafted by the media in order to create stories featuring villains and good guys. There are many players you will look at differently next time you see them on TV!

Jason also tells us about his sometimes difficult relationship with World Snooker and Barry Hearn. But then again his focus is on “making things work” rather than “starting a war” although, at a time, that scenario was a real possibility. There were issues, hurdles, misconceptions and, at times distrust and envy. But there were also people really wanting to overcome those and build something for the better of the sport they love.  Ultimately, now they are working together: the WPBSA Seniors Tour is reality.

Jason has been at Ronnie’s side from mid 2012 until end 2017. He tells us about their relationship, building trust and friendship, the highs and lows, the successes and the crises, the laughter and the tears and, finally, where they stand today. By the way, Ronnie wrote the foreword of this book.

I really enjoyed the book. Just one regret: the editorial work could have been better, there are a few glitches here and there and it’s a pity.

The book is available on Amazon

And here is David Hendon, assistant editor at Snooker Scene and Eurosport commentator chatting with Jason about his book: