Back from Thailand …


Ronnie has left Thailand, but the High-end Snooker Wanghin club has still more pictures to share …

and a great  gallery here

They also thanked their co- organiser, SUZURAN SUSHI with this little video …

No wonder Ronnie loved the place!

Meanwhile, Nutcharut Wongharuthai is in the UK, playing in the Q-school, in event 1. She won her first match, by 4-1, but lost, by 4-0, in the second round to Dechawat Poomjaeng. Dechawat of course has been on the main tour for years, is used to the conditions in professional tournaments and, we shouldn’t forget, played at the Crucible where he beat Stephen Maguire. No wonder he had too much for a young debutante.

She also entered events 2 and 3, and both times has a hard draw in round 1: Sam Craigie in event 2 and Sam Baird in event 3, both former pros. That will not be easy.

However, even if she doesn’t qualify for the main tour, entering the Q-school gives her a chance to compete on the Challengers tour next season and to gain experience. I’m wishing her the very best!


Exhibitions time…

Ronnie was still in Thailand yesterday, and very much enjoyed visiting a Buddhist Temple. He shared this on social media:

Went to a Buddhist temple in Thailand today, what a fantastic experience it was, a very peaceful place to visit


Thailand is a bit far away for most of us to enjoy an exhibition, but Ronnie is doing quite a number in the two coming months, including an extensive “Irish Tour”

Irish Tour 2018

All events and exhibitions here


Ronnie in Thailand – 12.05.2018


Ronnie had a very busy day yesterday in Bangkog, as he reconnected with old friends, James Wattana and Stuart Pettman. It was a very long day and Ronnie admitted from the start that he felt a bit “sleepy” … most certainly jetlagged. There were snooker matches, interviews, auctions, including Ronnie’s waistcoat, and more, all for charity and a lot of it was streamed all day on the High-End Wanghin snooker club facebook page . That’s also where those pictures were shared.

Ronnie didn’t play that well, he was probably tired and not very used to the conditions. There were some very nice shots though … mixed with seemingly basic mistakes. But, in a way, it wasn’t a bad thing as the local heroes, James Wattana, Noppon Saengkam and Nutcharut Wongharutai also had ample opportunities to show their own skills. Young Nutcharut in particular was impressive and warmly applauded by Ronnie who was forced to sit out for nearly two full frames whilst she scored heavily! Peggy Li was the referee in charge!

Here are two videos I put together from the exhibition matches

Ronnie played one frame against two amateurs and James Wattana. Wattana beat him on the colours…

Ronnie played four frames against Nutcharut, and four frames against Noppon. In both matches the score was 2-2…

Why Ronnie wasn’t at the awards… he is in Thailand!

Indeed Ronnie is in Thailand, for a charity exhibition organised by his sponsor. The exhibition will take place tomorrow at the Hi-End Snooker Wanghin Club. Ronnie was welcomed by Nutcharut Wongharuthai, a very promising young female snooker player who impressed me in Malta and by Noppon Saengham.

This is a video with Ronnie promoting the event during the World Championship

The images and videos in this post were shared by on Facebook by Hi-End Snooker Wanghin Club

Ronnie arrives in Thailand

Ronnie at his press conference with Nutcharuk and Noppon

Ronnie signing snooker goodies and books

Hopefully we will have some images/footages of the exhibition itself tomorrow…

Ronnie has arrived in China


The China Open 2018 starts on Monday, with Ronnie, Mark Selby, Ding Junhui and Liang Wenbo all in action, playing their last 128 match, held over to the venue.

WSS Services have been hard at work to get the venue ready

Ronnie is already in China, and did an exhibition in Zhangjiagang city. This was reported on weibo, and, if I understand the post correctly he was in high scoring mood but didn’t make a 147; 140 was the HB on the day!

Photos shared on weibo

Lincoln – 11.02.2018

The second night of exhibition in Lincoln, on Sunday, was similar in its organisation to the first one: a welcome reception for the VIPs, followed by John Virgo’s trick shots, then Ronnie playing eight frames against local players, with a break after four frames. Ronnie won all matches easily, had 3 tons in the first four frames, but no 147 this time. Ronnie was  clearly impressed by WDBS player Joe Hardstaff, his last opponent.

There was something special to conclude the week-end though: Jason Francis was to conduct a Q&A session with John Virgo and Ronnie, after the matches finished, and VIPs were invited to write down their questions for both John and Ronnie whilst enjoying the VIP buffet. They could ask absolutely anything and, as you would expect, there were so many questions that Jason had to go through a very “harsh” selection process and eventually was only able to keep about one in 5! The very first question that was asked to Ronnie, and was answered,  was “Will you play in the World Championship?”. That question was always going to come out … and the answer it got was “Yes”. Which prompted a big cheer from the crowd.

Here are the images of the night:

A very big thank you and well done to Nigel and Ali Coton for this fantastic week-end: it was awesome, and you were awesome!