In love with Denmark …

Ronnie is in Copenhagen and apparently he’s fallen in love with Denmark! He even loved the flight and the airport… mind you!

Here are some of his tweets (in their original spelling…)


Look at the food on Scandinavian airlines. It’s awesome. And i promise I’m not getting free flights for this


Even the airports fantastic, runs like clock work just like gatwick hahha


Breakfast in Denmark, this place is fantastic, no one locks there bikes up. Very cool place to visit

As for the show … this is what Jason Francis had to say on twitter:

Thank you for a great first night Copenhagen

Lasse the man who made it happen. Without people like him these overseas visits don’t happen #rockettour

And a few pictures posted on twitter:

Lasse is the guy next to Ronnie, and, if I got it right, the owner of the club.
The boy is Gustav Raffenberg, a 13 years old, and a serious prospect from Denmark. Ronnie played 4 frames against Gustav yesterday night. I don’t know how it went, but I know how Ronnie plays when facing young talents like Gustav: he always makes sure to give them opportunities to show what they are capable off.

2 thoughts on “In love with Denmark …

  1. Thank you so much for a great time in Copenhagen. I am so pleased to meet you guys. Ronnies 147 in the last frame was unbeliveable and made the building shake 🙂 Everybody is so happy here and i cant wait to see you again in wonderfull Copenhagen 🙂 Cheers

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