Ronnie comes back to win in Bolton

It’s another week-end of snooker exhibitions for Ronnie and it started tonight in the Bolton Whites Hotel, in Bolton. As well as the snooker, the fans enjoyed a drink reception and a three course meal.

Ronnie beat Jimmy by 4-3, on the black ball shootout, having trailed 0-2 and 1-3. Michaela Tabb – proudly sporting a new pair of boots – was the referee and Dennis Taylor the host.

Here is Jason Francis account of the evening (source twitter):

  • Jimmy 1-0 up
  • Jimmy 2-0 up
  • The wind flying
  • Ronnie 6 reds 6 blacks……  #couldhe
  • 2-1 to Jimmy
  • Jimmy 3-1 up
  • Big break possible from Ronnie here but misses last red 102!! 3-2 Jimmy
  • Ronnie 83 and its 3/3
  • It’s Ronnie who wins tonight’s show 4-3 on the respot

Ronnie tweeted this right after the show:

Great night at Bolton top crowd and fantastic playing arena , hope to be back next year

And Michaela added

Top, top, top night at Bolton Whites Hotel with @Snookerlegends Amazing venue and surely the way forward?! Not a spare seat to be had!

Here some pictures posted by Jason and fans on twitter:


Next for Ronnie, tomorrow and Saturday is Copenhagen: first time in Denmark, and it’s two club nights already sold out. Then, on Sunday, Ronnie will be back at the Arches in Coventry.