In love with Denmark … 2

Not sure what it was in that danish pastry that he ate yesterday morning but Ronnie was in a strange – albeit rather cheerful – mood after it, judging by his tweets anyway …

Crondon park i love that place, want my ashes stashed there when I’m all done
Now that’s a salad
I love my socks and my shoes

Strange mood or not, it didn’t affect his form when it was time to play

Indeed here is Ron Florax account of the evening. Ron is Dutch, lives in Sweden and is the author of cuetracker , probably the most complete statistics site about snooker.

Exhibition with Ronnie!!!

The Rocket is here!!!

The Rocket has only played one frame so far and already had 50 & 67! Many thanks to Lasse & @Snookerlegends for bringing the king among us!

134 total clearance from Ronnie @Snookerlegends in Copenhagen! Un-be-lievable!!

80 in the third frame. Ronnie is on fire!

Ronnie now playing 12-times Danish champion Rune Kampe @Snookerlegends in Copenhagen!

107 from Ronnie, second century!

RONNIE’S DONE IT!!! 147 in Copenhagen @Snookerlegends

Also had a sneaky pic with a lovely lady! @MichaelaTabb

and he added this on his Facebook page:

I just witnesses 8 frames by the greatest snooker player of all time, think he had 2 tons, 5 further 50+ breaks and to close off the perfect frame, a 147 maximum break! Wonderful evening!

Jason Francis was also reporting on twitter:

Ronnie now playing poker legend @GusHansen

He has only done it again!!!! 147

A fantastic 147 break wraps up two great nights in Copenhagen

We will get the footage up of the 147 as soon as possible. Bear with us

And here it is, that 147 …

Plus some images posted on twitter by Ron Florax, Jason Francis and Michaela Tabb

And to conclude, here is Ronnie this morning on twitter …

Copenhagen is worth visiting just to see the airport it’s that good
Everyone in Denmark looks healthy, why? Even the unhealthiest looking person looks healthy here


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