Ronnie O’Sullivan Show – 28 March 2016

Episode 4 of season 2 of the Ronnie O’ Sullivan show on Eurosport was out yesterday on ES UK and here it is if you don’t have the opportunity to watch it on TV

It starts with Ronnie’s masterclass where he does a recap of some of the most important and basic shots in the professional game.

The second part is a very funny chat with Joe Johnson who beat Steve Davis to win the 1986 World Championship, nearly 30 years ago. Ronnie and Joe reconstruct some of the key shots of the final frame … with Ronnie wearing Joe’s infamous shoes for the circumstance. Non English speakers might struggle with Joe fast speaking pace though.

In the last part, Ronnie talks us through his Masters and Welsh Open 2016 wins. He seems to have a much more positive outlook on his Masters performance now than he had back then in Alexandra Palace. All good.

Earlier this week Ronnie learned all about functional snooker with Steve Davis and pupils from Passmores Academy. He commented that “this is better than normal snooker, my children would love this. Not only is it fun but it helps you with your maths”


5 thoughts on “Ronnie O’Sullivan Show – 28 March 2016

  1. I got a feeling that he wasn’t quite honest on the Masters and Welsh Open, those are not Ronnie’s words, not his style.

    • How well do you know Ronnie to say those are not his words? One thing I’ve learned about Ronnie and accepted for a long time, is that his mood swings have a big impact on how he sees things and he can tell you something, and the opposite the next day, and be honest and genuine both times.

      • OK, but usually he’s not that happy with his game, this is why he sounded a bit strange.

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