Seventh Heaven Tonight

Ronnie’s Eurosport documentary “Seventh Heaven” will be shown tonight.

Here is what WST published about it:

Ronnie O’Sullivan: Seventh Heaven

Seventh Heaven – premiering on 15 October at 8pm on discovery+ and Eurosport across Europe – documents the career of Ronnie O’Sullivan as he re-visits key moments, from bursting onto the scene at the 1993 World Championship as a 17-year-old, all the way to this year’s record-equalling seventh Crucible crown.

Eurosport pundit Alan McManus discusses many of those moments with O’Sullivan, including the fastest ever 147 break in 1997, and the shots he played left-handed against Alain Robidoux in 1996. In the same episode, the current world number one recalls the absence of his father during the early part of his career, which led to substance abuse and a period in rehab. O’Sullivan also reflects on the impact Dr Steve Peters has had on his career.

The second half of the film sees O’Sullivan return to the Crucible for the first time since May. The Rocket recalls memories of his multitude of victories in Sheffield, including this year’s emotionally-charged final with Judd Trump. He discusses his relationship with his children before taking stock of an incredible career that shows no sign of winding down.

Scott Young, SVP Content and Production at Warner Bros. Discovery Sports, saidThe release of Seventh Heaven on our platforms across Europe is the perfect way to whet the appetite of sports fans as the snooker season gets into full flow. With the help of our exclusive close relationship with Ronnie, combined with unseen footage, the two hour show offers an intriguing insight into one of sport’s most fascinating characters.

To be honest, I don’t expect that many new things to emerge from this documentary. Obviously some in the media have already watched the show as there has been plenty of articles out in recent days, tackling various aspects/moments in Ronnie’s career. Nothing really new or unexpected came out.

I will still watch it, of course I will.


15 thoughts on “Seventh Heaven Tonight

  1. Yeah, not much new, but pretty good and I just love that Ronnie rejects the BS that everything bad that happened was good to have happened, because it made him a better/stronger person blah, blah, blah and says it as it is: it would have been better if the bad thing had not happened. ❤️

  2. I really enjoyed the show. The last images touched me deeply. I have known Ronnie for more than 15 years and I have seen going through all sorts of emotions. I have seen him laugh and I have seen him cry. But this was something else. This showed us how much he cares, no matter what he sometimes says. This also showed us how much it takes out of him, mentally and emotionally. I honestly believe that, as fans, we can’t ask any more from him. Thank you Ronnie, for everything you gave us, and for being true to yourself.

  3. I quite liked it. Few new little stories but overall Discovery has made a brilliant 1.5 hour documentary film.
    I’ve recorded it both of my languages (hungarian+english) hopefully Eurosport will upload this on their Youtube channel soon for the other fans around the world

  4. I just finished watching “Seventh Heaven”, and really enjoyed it.

    However…it wasn’t at all what I’ve been expecting, based on all of the comments Ronnie has made about the film crew following him around leading up to the Crucible and how he thinks he probably wouldn’t have won the title if it weren’t for the fact that a documentary was being filmed.

    I’m left to wonder if there is a second documentary coming up that is separate from “Seventh Heaven”, or if perhaps the other documentary fell apart and they just decided to have Ronnie sit down with Alan instead…?

  5. Well, just because there are media stories, it doesn’t mean they have seen anything. Usually there is attention surrounding big names, like flies. It’s how 21st century media works.

  6. I had the same reaction, Monique, in the sense of not expecting much in the way of “new”. In the few clips I’ve seen, it seemed like Ronnie was talking about things we’ve already heard him talk about many times before. There’s only so many times he can tell his “story” before he has said all there is to say.

    If there IS something new, though, perhaps it will be in the form of interesting “behind the scenes” footage leading up to, during, and after the 2022 WSC. I kinda hope to hear from his family members a bit, though I suspect that won’t happen.

    Anyway, I hope to be able to watch the film (from Canada)…

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