Midweek Matchzone n°37 is now available online

You can listen (again) to the show here.


Chris, Alan and Ronnie are joined by Paralympian Shot Putter Jonathan Adams who also serves as a Director and Ambassador for World Disability Billiards and Snooker.

The talk snooker, Olympics, finding the right balance in life to get the most out of oneself, why bookies always win and French Open tennis.

A really good show from start to finish. Enjoy!

Midweek Matchzone n°36 now out

You can listen to the show again here


Chris and Ronnie chat with Ilford FC manager Allan Fenn and Ronnie O’Sullivan Jr about all things sport. 

Not being a football fan one bit, but it’s amazing the number of things a manager has to do when they manage a non league club with sparse resources.

I also liked the discussion about sports “dignity” and what sportsmanship is about as opposed to winning at all costs.

Midweek Matchzone is back

Midweek Matchzone n°34 was broadcast last Thursday and is now available on PhoenixFM website if you missed it.

The show was the latest featuring five-times world snooker champion Ronnie O’Sullivan and Alan Bentley as Chris’s co-hosts.

Chris, Alan and Ronnie were joined in the studio by Wayne Banks from Fitness In Mind UK and karting champ Lochlan Bearman. Plus they talk snooker, football and F1.

Snooker wise, Ronnie gives a good assessment of his World Championship and how he wants to tackle the coming season. He also speaks about Marco Fu’s tip incident and how having to put a new tip on can ruin a championship. Finally he expresses quite mixed views about the Shootout becoming ranking: in short he doesn’t mind … but not under variant rules and not with a 10 seconds shot-clock. In short not if it’s the Shootout as we know it.

Midweek Matchzone n° 33 now up

You can listen again to Midweek Matchzone n° 33 on PhoenixFM here .


Chris, Alan and Ronnie talk World Grand Prix snooker, Chelsea, Stan Kroenke, Charlton, PDC Premier League darts and more.

They also get involved in a very interesting discussion about coaching and techniques and how it can both help you or limit you depending how it’s done and how it’s perceived. They also stress the importance on the mindset, in any sport … and I would add in any activity in fact.