A visit to Doncaster

During the election campaign 2015, Ronnie expressed his support to the Labour Party and, in particular, to Ed Miliband. Apparently, a common interest in cue sports provided the “glue” to this “a priory” unlikely friendship 🙂 .
As we know, the Labour lost the elections, and Ed Miliband stepped down from his leader position … but the friendship stayed.
Yesterday Ronnie was in Doncaster with Ed Miliband and visited the Don Valley Academy, where he met the pupils, spoke about sport psychology and answered their questions. “Never give up and work hard was his main message.
Later Ronnie was in Askern Miners Welfare where he played some of the members and was apparently unbeaten on the night (Peter Roscoe wasn’t around then? 🙂 ).

Doncaster 23.10.2015

Going by the reactions on twitter, it was a great night at the club, and Ronnie was very friendly and relaxed. “Never stopped smiling” said a fan in his tweet.

Today he’s expected to visit Ollerton Town FC.