Ronnie was talking to Radio Yorkshire as well

Ronnie was interviewed by Radio Yorkshire.

Both this interview and the Nolan Show one suggest that, contrary to what he said in Romania, Ronnie will not be at the Masters and has no plan to return to snooker in a near future. 😦
This is also confirmed by Shamoon Hafez form BBC5live on twitter‏

Ronnie O’Sullivan says he will NOT be returning for the Masters in Januiary #snooker

3 thoughts on “Ronnie was talking to Radio Yorkshire as well

  1. **** liar. Dear Mrs. Limbos., I know you are a close friend and big fan of Ronnie’s but you also have see that it is really disgusting what Ronnie did this time. As if he hadn’t said anything in Romania. What do you think?

    • I think that unfortunately it’s not the first time Ronnie has a change of mind … and he might have another one and still play actually. There is still plenty of time before the Masters. No it’s not nice to disappoint the fans, indeed. If he wasn’t sure, it would have been better to say nothing.

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