Ronnie O’Sullivan OBE

It was leaked by the Sun about 3 hours ago, but then the article was taken down…

However this was put on twitter by David Hendon a few minutes ago

Ronnie O’Sullivan given an OBE in the New Years honours list. Quite right and about time.

David is a trustworthy journalist, assistant editor at Snooker Scene and Eurosport commentator, so this must be true.

I must admit I’m surprised. Not that Ronnie doesn’t deserve it, actually this is long overdue, but he’s not exactly “establishment” … well wasn’t should I say

Congratulations Ronnie !

Some welcome and overdue sporting honours, not least Many congrats to the Rocket OBE, and all those recognised

Congratulations to on his OBE, joining fellow presenter in gaining the award!

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Ronnie O’Sullivan OBE well deserved mate

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2 thoughts on “Ronnie O’Sullivan OBE

  1. hi ronnie watch you when you play in tournaments. you deserve this award

    happy new year 2016 cheers

    leonard from montreal quebec canada

  2. Congratulations, Ronnie, for your well deserved OBE. Obviously I wish you, your family with Laila and your children, a happy new year.

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