Midweek Matchzone n°28 now available

The first Midweek Matchzone of 2016 is now available on PhoenixFM

Yesterday’s show was the latest featuring Ronnie as Chris Hood’s co-host.


Featuring BDO and PDC darts chat, gymnast Brinn Bevan, the new Brentwood Health Run and odds with Betway’s Alan Alger.


They’ll be back on 21 January with more Midweek Matchzone.

And it did spur quite a bit of debate on twitter yesterday…

One thought on “Midweek Matchzone n°28 now available

  1. Having now listened to the show myself, I think that indeed there should be room for different type of events, and I quite like the idea of an kind of hybrid between the shootout and the now defunct Premier League. I don’t believe at all that a shotclock of 25 or 30 second, with a reasonable amount of allowed timeouts, would result in low quality or negative shot selection as some people suggested. Very rarely do you see any player with an average shot time over the 25 seconds and I can’t remember anyone getting over the 30 seconds. It’s actually plenty of time for most shots, the timeouts being there to be used for the more difficult situations.
    I’m not enthused by the idea of shortening the World Championship final, but it is true that it’s a long tournament at the end of a long season, and by the time the players reach the final, they are exhausted. I have seen it close up. And they also have quite a lot of media commitments to do for the BBC. This has produced a number of anti-climactic, rather low quality, finals over the years, whilst the semi finals have usually been better. But then @snookerbacker on twitter suggested that maybe the semi finals could be shortened, giving the finalists a day off and allowing them to fulfil their media duties without taking time over their well needed rest ahead of the biggest match of the year.

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