Morning fun with Ronnie on twitter

Ronnie is clearly enjoying his time in Berlin, and, for the first time since months really took on twitter (and Facebook) this morning .

So here we go…

He started with a question

Who’s agrees to trying thicker cloths to see if it gets rid of the dreaded kicks?

feel free to answer in comments, I’ll pass it on.


Done 4 Mile run in Berlin, what a beauty city, also run pass part of the Berlin Wall

Followed by

Breakfast in Berlin


So much for those who in recent months used his name to promote vegetarian or vegan diet! He isn’t either and when I showed him one article on a blog claiming he was, his answer was “Me? Never!”. (Read “Mee? Nevah!”)

He also shared this video on twitter and Facebook


And concluded (for now) with this picture and quote…


RonnieNightmare Including myself …