Not bothered about the World Championship?

After Ronnie’s win in Cardiff BBC reported this (excerpt):

Ronnie O’Sullivan says he is “not really bothered” about the World Championship at the Crucible and will “treat it like a vacation”.

O’Sullivan won seven straight frames to beat Neil Robertson 9-5 and win a fourth Welsh Open title on Sunday.

Victory took him to joint second in the list for most ranking titles with 28 alongside John Higgins and Steve Davis – eight behind leader Stephen Hendry.

“The most important thing for me is to get my sleep sorted,” said O’Sullivan.

Five-time world champion O’Sullivan has previously spoken about the lack of sleep he gets during a night and feels it will be the contributing factor in whether he wins a sixth world crown in Sheffield or not.

“My body is just gone and I feel like I am overtired,” he said. “I need a nice easy month now without any competitions and relax by filling the tank up.

“If I get my sleep right then I have got half a chance. If I don’t get it right then playing two sessions in one day will be too much for me.

“The most important thing is to get that right then everything else will fall into place.

“You just have to accept it will be a long haul and you could get beaten in the first or second round and then you don’t have a problem.

“I’m not really bothered about Sheffield, I am not bothered about any tournament. I just treat it like a vacation and enjoy the time that I am away.”

Having followed Ronnie for a number of years now, I’m taking this with a big pinch of salt. He’s a VERY competitive person and hates to lose. But he’s also of an anxious nature and has huge expectations from everybody on his shoulders, not least his own. So I’m not surprised that he wants to ease that pressure a bit.

The sleeping issues have been going on for years and it’s a crucial to get enough rest during the marathon that is the World Championship.

Speaking to Hector Nunns, Ronnie explained he is looking for new solutions:

“The 17 days at the Crucible? The sleep is vital, I can take medication but I don’t like to do that.

“I’ll have to start meditating for Sheffield.” (source Sunday and Daily Express)

And, finally, today midday is the closing time for entries in the World Grand Prix. Ronnie has qualified for it by winning the Welsh Open last week but he also has an exhibition scheduled in Morocco that clashes with the tournament (clearly he wasn’t expecting to do that well in Cardiff).
Wether that can be re-arranged – or indeed if he wants to play in Llandudno – is to be seen but we should know soon.

2 thoughts on “Not bothered about the World Championship?

  1. I love seeing Ronnie consistently beat selby,after his loss at crucible a few years back!Selby thinks he can play.

    • Believe me Selby CAN play, and Ronnie himself acknowledged it during the UK Championship last December and insisted about his qualities as a player and fighter. Because he has a completely different style from Ronnie is no reason to be mean to him.

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