Aftermath of the SnookerRoomxit

Shortly after the World Championship, it was announced that SnookerRoom was no more. However, for a few weeks, its wealth of snooker videos remained available, and, as many, I hoped they would stay even if the streaming was gone. No more so, the SnookerRoom youtube channel has well and truly been taken down.

I anyone wonders why I supported the site and its team despite it being illegal, please read this post. I haven’t changed my stance.

An immediate result of the loss of the SnookerRoom channel, is that lots of videos on this site now have broken links. I have started to look for replacements and managed to an extend…

Currently all last season’s Ronnie matches and performances are available again except:

  • his last 128 match vs Hamza Akbar in the German Masters qualifiers although I have found the last 3 frames, without sound.
  • The Masters day 3: Ronnie and Mark Selby post match interviews, plus Ronnie Wood interview
  • Part of his Championship League Snooker 2016 matches: only two matches of the Winners Group day 1 are missing now.
  • The videos of his and Neil Robertson punditry work with Matt Smith, Colin Murray and Jimmy White at the German Masters.

I haven’t removed the broken links, as their presence helps me to keep track on what is still missing.

I want to thank kdr for his well appreciated help, please check the comments section. Unfortunarely I have not managed to embed the videos properly in this blog.

Thank you for your patience.

And once again, thanks to SnookerRoom and the team behind it, who stepped up when the “legal” options failed us.




8 thoughts on “Aftermath of the SnookerRoomxit

    • This is the one indeed. Thank you again for the wonderful help. I have found the CLS Winners Group final day matches on Snooker Planet as well.

  1. Hello Mon again,

    I’m sure that lots of them are available on Youku (Chinese Youtube).
    If you want it, I’ll try to find them.

    (I think that his punditry works are gone unfortunately… 😦 )

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