Ronnie in conversation at Doc/Fest in Sheffield

Ronnie was at the Doc/Fest festival in Sheffield shortly after the World Championship last May and they now have published the clip of his performance on youtube.

Here it is:

It’s very, very interesting. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Ronnie in conversation at Doc/Fest in Sheffield

  1. Answering the question about the player he dislikes and then saying those things about Murphy was the rudest thing EVER.

    • Lol Adam, you haven’t heard many rude things in your life then … I have heard much, much worse in the media room, and not from Ronnie. Seriously, that wasn’t very nice, but then, Shaun, who I quite like BTW, as a player and a person, has a habit of telling everyone – press included – what he thinks of the other players or of what they said, without even being asked sometimes. It’s not surprising that this doesn’t go down well with others at times.
      And if this the only thing you keep from this interview, it’s a bit sad.

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