Is a film based on Ronnie’s life coming?

If this article in the “Mirror” is anything to go by, yes … but of course it’s only a project for now.

Ronnie O’Sullivan movie has actors cueing up to play snooker legend in Hollywood biopic

Celebrities including Skins star Jack O’Connell want to portray the five-time world champion in the movie based on the life of snooker’s greatest talent.

BY HANNAH HOPE – 19:02, 26 NOV 2016

Actors are cueing up to play Ronnie O’Sullivan in a Hollywood movie based on the life of snooker’s greatest talent.

BAFTA-winning Skins star Jack O’Connell wants to portray the five-time world champion. Two US stars have also put themselves in the frame for the role.

Fans’ favourite Ronnie has had a rollercoaster life with sporting glory contrasted by drug and alcohol addiction, depression and mental breakdown – the last one just seven months ago.

Throw in an OBE for services to snooker, the jailing of his father for murder and his mother for tax evasion and you see why ­ Hollywood has come knocking.

Lionsgate, the giant behind the Hunger Games movies, has already made an approach.

Ronnie – happy again and back with actress fiancee Laila Rouass, 45 – tells the Sunday Mirror: “Lionsgate in America got in contact with my agent. I thought ‘they’re not serious’.

But as its gone on they’ve said they were going to buy the rights to my film and a couple of big LA actors who are snooker fans said they want the part. I said, ‘As long as the film does justice to my life I’ve got no problems with it.’

“I’ve been told it will be along the lines of dramas Whiplash and the Black Swan – which I really liked as it got into the emotions of the character and I think that’s how my career has been.

“I’ve had everything – good, bad and fantastic. I’ve been on a journey of perfection, that’s why I feel like I’ve had a good life.

“I’ve reached perfection in something that I do, I’ve had a wand in my hand. To get that across into a film is great.

Ronnie, nicknamed the Rocket for his speedy play, says 26-year-old actor O’Connell has put first dibs on the lead role.

He says: “Jack O’Connell is interested – he’s a big snooker fan and from the North and he’s followed my career and says he wants the part.

Part of the reason Ronnie is happy again is thanks to Footballers’ Wives star Laila, who lives with him in Essex.

He adds: “Laila and I are enjoying each other’s company and that’s the most important thing. I feel happy now. I feel like I’ve had a good life.

Ronnie is famous for quitting snooker – then returning even better than ever. These days he eases the pressure on himself by choosing carefully which tournaments to play. And, as he is set to turn 41 next week, he’s keen to mentor other players.

I’d get a lot of happiness from helping someone improve just five per cent,” he says. Ronnie has three children, Lily, 10, and Ronnie Jnr, eight, from his ­relationship with Jo Langley, and Taylor-Ann, from a romance with Sally Magnus, which ended in 1996.

And his family background helped lure the interest of ­Hollywood. Parents Ronnie Snr and Maria ran a string of sex shops in London’s Soho. When Ronnie was 18 his dad was given 20 years for the knife murder of East End gangster Charlie Kray’s driver after a nightclub row.

Then Maria was locked up for VAT fraud, leaving Ronnie to care for sister Danielle, then aged eight.

Now the star has poured these formative experiences into a semi-autobiographical crime novel, Framed.

Ronnie added: “My mum was horrified I was writing a crime novel and said ‘I hope you don’t mention me.’ It was a great way to reveal some of the experiences I’ve been through that I couldn’t talk about in my autobiography.

“I seem to be the only one in the family who hasn’t got in trouble. Going to visit them in prison just became part of my life.

“Writing has been one of the best experiences outside of snooker. A bit scary, but once I started to embrace certain things, I realised I have a story to tell other than just snooker player.

Framed is out now, published by Orion, £16.99.

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  1. What a great story / movie it would be…. Ronnie’s life story is worth a movie definitely and I for one would love to see it told on screen…. Not only that I was stood right next to him at Norbreck Castle in the queue for our breakfast on the very first day of qualifiers in 1992 not even knowing who he was or what a massive difference he was going to make to the Snooker World so thats gotta be worth a part in the movie as an extra hasn’t it lol…

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