Ronnie’s American Hustle – Episode 2


Yesterday evening the second episode of Ronnie’s American Hustle was broadcasted on HistoryUK and it’s another treat!

Ronnie and Matt visit Chicago and it’s a great albeit peculiar insight in the history of the city as well as cue sports in the city. My husband has family in Chicago and, although being a good traveler, I never was really interested in visiting the city, but now I am!

Also, Ronnie is so gifted at everything requiring eye-hand coordination it’s indecent! So, baseball is an easy game?  Well for some, yes, it is it seems.

Anyway, I’ll stop spoiling you. If you want to watch it, here it is:


3 thoughts on “Ronnie’s American Hustle – Episode 2

  1. Intro episode (1), left viewers wanting more e.g. mention of visit to 49ers but no images. Meet and chat with my pool hero “Know d Delicious”. No images of Ronnie and “Kid” playing each other.
    I hope it builds to real action.
    Stuart H.
    p.s. I would love to see Alison Fisher and Ronnie, match up.

    • In episode 1, Ronnie meets Kid Delicious, interviews him and Kid shows him some “tricks” of the trade. Not sure what you mean about “real action”: the main object of the series is not to show Ronnie playing pool, although we see quite a bit of it, it’s about the history and context of cuesports in America.

  2. How good is the #RonnieHustles programme on @HistoryUK ? Fantastic to watch Ronnie & Matt having a great time out there….

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