Statement from World Snooker and WPBSA

After the end of play tonight this STATEMENT FROM WORLD SNOOKER AND WPBSA was published on the official body website:

Tuesday 28 Mar 2017 05:57PM

In response to comments made today by Ding Junhui and Ronnie O’Sullivan we feel compelled to make the following observations.

We are disappointed and surprised by Ding’s statement that we made “excessive” demands of him. The facts of the case are that Ding presented himself to play in his first round match with a logo which conflicted with the title sponsor of the event.

All players sign and agree to conform to the rules and regulations laid out in the players contract. These regulations make it clear that all logos should be approved by WSL and that no approval will be given if a players logo conflicts with any WSL Partner (in this case the title sponsor).

This is done to protect our commercial partners rights and forms part of our contractual commitments to them, to do otherwise would put us in breach of those agreements. Ultimately the WPBSA and WSL enter into such agreements to safeguard the future of the game for all professional players.

To date we have not received a letter from Ding’s lawyers.

Contrary to Mr O’Sullivan’s comments we believe that we dealt with the matter entirely professionally and in accordance with the players contract, to say otherwise is simply wrong and misinformed.

As David Hendon, Eurosport commentator and Snooker Scene assistant editor said on twitter:

Riiiight… maybe report what Ding and Ronnie said if you’re going to issue a rebuttal. Otherwise it makes no sense.

So what happened? And what do we know?

Yesterday, the held-over first round match between Ding and Sean (not Ronnie) O’Sullivan started late and Ding was docked a frame. No information was given by Worldsnooker regarding the reasons at the time, so most fans assumed that Ding was late for his match. It then transpired that he was on the site and that apparently there was a problem with one of his logos. It was also rumoured that Ding had threatened to withdraw from the tournament if he wasn’t allowed to wear the said logo and that eventually he was authorised to wear it during that match. All of this is rumours and hear-say as there was no explanation given at that stage by Worldsnooker.

The statement above confirms that the issue was indeed related to one logo Ding was wearing and that had not been authorised. There is mention of Ding’s dissatisfaction but none about the alleged withdrawal threat.

There is however this article on top147 website (automatic translation by Chrome)

The storm has not yet subsided? Ding Junhui dissatisfaction with the solution: will send a lawyer letter

Beijing time on March 28, 2017 World Snooker China Open to start the second day of competition. In the first round, Ding Junhui played well to 5 to 0 victory over Davidson, cut the second round. In yesterday’s logo after the storm, Ding Junhui once again stood on the track, it seems that the problem has been resolved before, but from Ding Junhui’s words is not difficult to see that he is not satisfied with this solution, he answered Sina Sports question “I will let my lawyer ask them to send a lawyer ‘s letter,” he said, “for the attitude of the World Federation of players against the players and the excessive demands on the players.

The game, in the face of Davidson, Ding Junhui play a stable, did not give opponents any chance, straight five Council victory over the opponent, cut the second round. After the game, Ding Junhui in summing up the game that he is now in a very good state, “my state has been very good, including the first, today I played very well, the opponent did not give me too much pressure on opponents It ‘s not very good to play.

Yesterday marked the storm to Ding Junhui and the World Union of the word, Ding Junhui today to stand on the track, indicating that the two sides have found a solution to the problem. Sina Sports asked Ding Junhui: “This matter is through what way to solve?” Ding Junhui replied: “The solution is of course not very good. You see … ‘Hengda gold clothes’ no. This is not what we hope See, I do not want the Chinese people and their own people to fight, if there are foreign people here, I hope the Chinese people are united for the World League on the players of this attitude, so too much for the players, I will Let my lawyer send them a lawyer ‘s letter.

In the second round, Ding Junhui will be against Zhou Yuelong. For this game, Ding Junhui expressed his desire to win, “I hope I can be a winning party.”

(Dong Zhengxiang)

As for what Ronnie said, this is what I found on CBSA official website (automatic translation by Chrome)

O’Sullivan accepted the interview with words such as gold to talk Ding Junhui: I 100% support

2017-03-28 21:20 China Billiards Association    official website

On the evening of March 28, 2017, the World Snooker China Open continued in the college gymnasium, and the “Rockets” O’Sullivan finished the fifth round in the first show.

7:30 pm at the scene of the audience cheers, O’Sullivan into the stadium. In the game with Gareth Allen, O’Sullivan has played a single shot 64,59 and 51 points, the final big score zero opponent, broke into the 32 strong.

After the game, O’Sullivan looked relaxed into the news center, an interview. When it comes to the end of the game, O’Sullivan with “very good” three words to describe. When the reporter asked the fire teacher to say some more, he shook his head, revealing a little naughty smile, said: “No, you ask some other questions.” It seems that his mood is really very good recently

For Beijing fans, O’Sullivan’s entry is extraordinary, because they have been waiting for the fire teacher for 5 years. “It’s nice to be back here.” O’Sullivan’s answer is still very simple.

On the last weekend, as a star online contract players and spokesmen, O’Sullivan in person CBSA World Snooker College completed an online open class content. When the course is over, O’Sullivan offered to learn how the college students were trained. In the process, O’Sullivan also personally show students to demonstrate. “Everything in the college is fantastic.” At the press conference, O’Sullivan said.

Just last night, Ding Junhui because the individual sponsor trademark and the tournament title sponsor conflict led to the game did not start on time things are well known, in talking about this topic, O’Sullivan words more up.

“I am 100% support Ding Junhui. As a Chinese professional player, he shows his professionalism and professional ethics, and I hope this will not have any effect on his game,” O’Sullivan said at last. (China Billiards Association Xiaofan)

No mention here of any direct criticism aimed at WS or WPBSA. Also, no mention as to whether this statement was spontaneous or came as an answer to members of media questions.

Quite evidently, Ding signed the players contract and therefore should comply to the rules he agreed to. However, for Worldsnooker not giving the reasons why the play was delayed, nor citing the “offending” quotes of the two players mentioned in the statement is questionable because it opens the door to all sorts of speculations and once rumours are out there is no way to stop them. openness is the best policy in such matters.

Well that’s my opinion anyway…

To be followed … or as Sttellla (Belgian music band) would put it “Fuite au prochain lavabo”



This is a link to Ronnie’s full presser 

So it was indeed triggered by a question.

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  1. Ding doesn’t have a leg to stand on. The rules are: three logo maximum which must include tournament sponsor’s logo. No conflicting logos i.e of a competitor of the tournament sponsor.

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