Ronnie’s life in a film?

Not for the first time, the media suggest that a film could be made about Ronnie’s life. It seems that Ronnie has indeed taken a step towards making this a real possiblility. Here is what he told BBC5 today

O’Sullivan told 5 live:

“I’ve sold my life rights away to a company in America and a company in England so it’s down to them now whether they want to produce it or not”.

After being asked who would play him he said Jack O’Connell “is quite up for playing the part” and it would be “fantastic” if it happened.

Watch the full clip here

There are quite a few similarities between Jack O’Connell’s life and Ronnie’s. Indeed both had a troubled youth and both “lost” their father as teenagers, albeit in different ways. Both have Irish ancestry and were raised as Roman Catholics.

Ronnie got it wrong though … Jack is from Derby, not Sheffield, but, hey! It’s only half an hour away by train!


2 thoughts on “Ronnie’s life in a film?

  1. Hello Monique,
    thank you for uploading the clip, which only shows the last minutes of the interview. But it was fun watching it. I just listened to the whole interview (about 20 min), which is now available on the BBC Radio5 site and I really, really enjoyed it. Maybe you would like to listen to it aswell.

    Here is the link:
    The interview with Ronnie starts at about 2:10:00.
    Alas, the podcast will only be available for 29 days.

    Kind regards

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