Another interview about “Framed” and snooker

This time found and pointed to me by AMT.

Thank you AMT!

You can listen to it here


Ronnie was in really good spirit in this one!

Not sure I agree with him about the reasons why the class of 92 – himself, John Higgins and Mark Williams – lasted into their 40th whilst Steve Davis and Stephen Hendry didn’t. First because in many ways Steve DID last, he had a bad dip in form but then he came back and was still playing at a very high standard well into his 50th. Stephen Hendry’s “problem” was that he never wanted to adapt and change his playing style, and at a point his opponents had found the answer to his type of game. Ronnie on the contrary “reinvented” himself several times along his career. He always was and fundamentally remains an attacking flair player, but he can and is willing to play tactically when he needs to. He learned to compromise, Hendry never did.