From the Palace … to the kitchen

Ronnie was this morning in his kitchen and live on Facebook, cooking a healthy breakfast with his nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert. Clearly she wouldn’t want him to feel weak because inadequate nutrition …

Just enjoy

I must say I’m envious, such a nice kitchen! I love my cooking and I’m not too bad at it either, this would be a dream. BTW I’ve tried one of Rhiannon recipes and it was really tasty, filling yet light on the stomach and pleasing to the eyes as well!

And, something different entirely, Eurosport recorded this, and shared it on twitter, surely as a combined promo of the snooker and the tennis.

Now … just to hit the ball at that speed, never mind send it back into the court, requires good eye / hand coordination and a fast eyesight. It’s brutal. And… Ronnie isn’t very tall, but he certainly isn’t short  either, just over 1,80 m and he looks tiny as compared to that tennis player!