Some interesting quotes by Ronnie about John Higgins

Ahead of his match against John Higgins tonight, Ronnie explained what he thinks about John Higgins and their rivalry. I think it’s a fair assessment of their relationship and the influence they had on each other.

As for the match, tonight, it’s hard to make a prediction. It will be very much about who is in the best form on the day.

Here are his quotes, reported by Jack Wilson, in the Express (excerpts)

“It’s like a rivalry, me and John. From junior, amateurs, professionals, we’ve kind of come through the ranks together. We’ve pushed each other on to be successful.

“If I did well, that inspired John to do well and vice versa.

“He’s a fantastic player and you know going into that match, you probably have to play near your best to win unless John doesn’t perform.

“If he’s on, he’s very very good all-round.”

“John wasn’t any different as a youngster. The first time you saw him at 14, 15, it was like ‘this geezer is unbelievable.

“He had everything. I remember we played the Home Internationals and no-one had seen John until he was about 15.

“It was always me, Steve Lee and Mark Williams. I remember Steve Lee come back and say ‘have you seen this John Higgins play, around the black, he punches them in’.

“I was like ‘okay’ then I watched him and he was really good. We were like this from 13 or 14.”

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