Ronnie O’Sullivan to release health and fitness book

This is something Ronnie has been about many times on his twitter account. It’s about to become reality.

Here is the annoucement:

Ronnie O’Sullivan to release health and fitness book

Ronnie O’Sullivan to release health and fitness book


Bonnier Publishing imprint Lagom has signed snooker ace Ronnie O’Sullivan’s first health and fitness book. Entitled Top of Your Game: Eating for the Mind and Body, it will contain over 80 “nourishing” recipes, created with Harley Street nutritionist and author Rhiannon Lambert.

The book, pitched as “a one stop shop for living better, eating healthier and feeding your brain to enhance your performance”, will focus on how food links to concentration and mental sharpness, as well as combatting insomnia, anxiety and learning how to digitally detox.

Natalie Jerome, acquisitions director and publisher at Bonnier Publishing, signed world language rights from Jonny Geller and Cathryn Summerhayes at Curtis Brown.

O’Sullivan OBE has won 32 ranking titles in snooker, including five World Championships, seven masters and a joint record six UK Championship titles. According to Bonnier Publishing, the new book will “show readers how to eat, think and work your way to being number one – and how to stay there”. It draws on O’Sullivan’s learnings from his nutritionist, Lambert, after two years ago he “hit a wall with his physical and mental wellbeing”.

O’Sullivan said his new attitude to diet, health and fitness had changed his life. “When it comes to snooker, I should be on the way down by now, but here I am in my 40’s still competing at the top of the game and fitter than ever,” he said. “I truly believe what you eat keeps you young and in prime position. There are kids half my age competing and they can’t concentrate because they eat rubbish and never put down their phones! It’s all about eating great food, pacing yourself, recuperating and knowing your mental health is just as important as your physical health. The biggest gains are made when you fuel yourself well, exercise regularly and you rest – thinking this way has changed my life.”

Lambert, his co-author, has worked with sports men and women including Chelsea footballer Cesc Fabregas, England international cricketer Nick Compton and British paralympic gold medallist rower David Smith MBE, as well as with TV personalities Lisa Snowdon and “Masterchef” presenter Gregg Wallace.

Top of Your Game publishes on 27th December 2018.


5 thoughts on “Ronnie O’Sullivan to release health and fitness book

  1. Ronnie was having problems with insomnia. Has the insomnia been reduced/cured through the combination of diet and excercise, does anyone know? More power to Ronnie if so.

  2. I think it’s great that Ronnie has moved in the right direction with his diet, but I worry a little bit about him writing a diet-oriented book given that he’s not really on the “cutting edge” of dietary thinking. He doesn’t seem to be up-to-speed on such important considerations as plant-based diets, raw foods, and food combining, and the diet he’s eating now doesn’t really seem innovative enough to warrant a new book written about it…

    • I’m not sure there is any need to be “innovative” about our diet, I don’t think our biology has changed dramatically in centuries … we are apes, our closest cousins are the bonobos and chimpanzees, we share about 99% of our DNA with them. Both species are omnivores, consuming more fruit and vegs than animal products, but neither are “vegans”, they eat insects and smaller mamals, and they certainly don’t ask themselves questions about food combining, yet you will not find obese individuals in their natural environment… For me it’s all about not over-eating in the first place, but certainly not start with unbalanced restrictive diets that mess up our metabolism.

      • Whether or not there is a need to be “innovative” about our diet, there is arguably at least somewhat of a need to be “innovative” when writing a book about our diet, rather than simply rehashing what other people have already said. If Ronnie’s current diet (as displayed through photos of his meals on his Instagram account) is any indication of the diet that Rhiannon promotes, that kind of dietary thinking has been around for a long enough time that it doesn’t really need to be written about in a new book, especially from someone who only recently discovered it. Lots of people have been eating the way Ronnie does for a long time, and lots of other people have “moved beyond” that diet to something arguably more innovative and healthy.

        Nothing against Ronnie, of course, and I’m happy for him that he’s feeling so well. I don’t doubt that eating a better diet is giving him more energy and helping him to play better snooker. I just wish he would take more time to learn about the aspects of nutrition that he currently doesn’t know about, before writing a book as if he is already an expert and knows all (or at least, most) of what there is to know…

      • Well we haven’t see the book haven’t we? It’s a joint book with Rhiannon Lambert. Also I don’t think it’s about nutrition only. We’ll see in due time. But from Rhiannon point of view it is certainly a good move to join forces with Ronnie, and to use his popularity to reach out to people who would probably never have bought her books. She promotes a more down to earth approach to nutrition than all those extreme and restrictive “regimes” that only lead people to eating disorders and unhealthy relationship with what should be one of the pleasures in life, food. I’m in my sixties and in my lifetime I have seen all sorts of food being diabolised, only to be recommended again a couple of years later, and that in the press mainly aimed at mothers and teenagers. I believe that the basics of nutrition are very simple, and will never change, because we as a species are sure evolving, but only slowly: eat fresh and a bit of everything, avoid too much salt, sugar, fat but don’t diabolise them, don’t over eat, avoid cravings by have several small meals rather than a couple of big ones, try to make vegetables and fruit about 2/3 of what you consume, drink a lot of water and enjoy your food. And don’t forget that, even if you eat the healthiest things, you won’t stay fit if you are a couch potato. Go out, move AND sleep enough, at regular hours. It is proven that sleep deprivation messes up with our metabolism. I’m extremely wary of “innovations” in nutrition, banning entire categories of foods, or falling for fashions like “super foods”.

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