Vegan Power?

Not really although Ronnie was thinking about Neil Robertson whilst cooking this one.

Ronnie and Rhiannon were at it again today on social media, cooking one of the receipts that will feature in their book to come “Top of your game”. So for those who aren’t on FB here it is … with some interesting bits of conversation.

2 thoughts on “Vegan Power?

  1. Hello Monique,
    thanks for the video.
    Really enjoyable to watch and interesting dialogues on Ronnies’s views and plans. Nice to hear him being so positve and happy, and for a snookerfan to learn that he intents to prepare well for the coming season. As for the “jungle”: the idea of having to eat a spider or something similare cleary was not to his liking, so I hope it will turn him off enough so that he will not appear in this setting.
    On another note: the benefits of fitness and a balanced diet obviously is also now a topic for World Snooker as stated in this article “Fit for the Table” publised on their website with a reference to Rhiannon Lambert and her books. Here is the link:

    And finally a question; will you join an hopefully cover some of Ronnie’s exhibitions?
    Thanks again and have lovely weekend.

    • Thanks Silvry! Actually I came online precisely to publish that Worldsnooker article! Again Ronnie has been a pioneer. When he was getting up for a run at 5 am on the week-end of the World 2008 final, most were thinking “what a nutter!”. Now most young players try to take care of their fitness in a way or another. Regarding Ronnie’s exhibitions, no, not the coming ones. I’m in Greece with my husband’s family for 5 weeks. And, knowing how fussy Ronnie is about food, I think the spiders will win and keep the jungle for themselves 😉

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