Thai Curry and Crumble …

Ronnie and Rhiannon were again cooking together – live on Ronnie’s Facebook – as they prepare their new book “Top of your game”.


So today was about Thai curry and crumble.

Here is the video they shared.

Ronnie also answered a few questions. His firs event (proper) should be the Shanghai Masters in September.

I tried the crumble myself some weeks ago and it’s really, really nice!

3 thoughts on “Thai Curry and Crumble …

  1. I would guess that Ronnie will play in the China Championship Qualifiers in August prior to the Shanghai Masters, though perhaps that doesn’t count in this context. as a “proper event”.

    Speaking of China, does anyone know if Ronnie was serious about possibly moving there in the near future…?

      • I think it doesnt mean automatically that he would miss China Championship because his first proper would be Shanghai. I mean will not mention q round if it happens before his first main event.

        But I prefer he would miss China Championship if he plays in Shanghai.

        Unless there is some promition works between the 2 events

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