Wishes for today and more …

Today, millions of people will celebrate Christmas … and it’s customary to present relatives and friends with good wishes and presents.

I’m a non believer and this day has no religious meaning for me. But I will still celebrate it because … well, because it’s a good day as ever to tell the ones dear to us that we love them.

It’s a good day as ever to sit together and actually talk, have a good time, enjoy a good meal, a laugh and a hug.

It’s a good day as ever to remember that peace, compassion and love are precious. Life is hard enough, and short, let’s not make it harder.

One of the oldest traditions around this time of the year, and probably one at the origin of Christmas itself, is to celebrate the “rebirth of light”. We have reached the “darkest” of the year, the longest nights, from now on, days will grow again, daylight will come earlier with every passing day. And with it, the promise of a new spring, the first flowers, the return of the birds, new life everywhere. It’s a celebration of hope.

So here are my wishes to you all: have a great time with your loved ones, forget the disagreements, forgive, make peace, have a laugh, share a good meal, a lovely drink, with or without alcohol, call someone you haven’t talked to in a long time, revive a friendship, give hug, invite a lonely person, enjoy yourselves. Tonight, tomorrow … every day.


Happy (Christmas) Day!

5 thoughts on “Wishes for today and more …

  1. Dear Monique, we were not around and I could not post, but I want to wish you and your loved ones a (belated) happy and great holiday, hope, you had a great Christmas and many-many thanks for this blog and all the updates: it is a great source of information and forum for discussion. Hugs.

  2. Dear Monique,
    thank you sooo much for your heartwarming seasons greetings and for all the joy you always bring to me with your amazing blog. It helped me again to come through very dark times this year.
    So, I wish you in return peaceful and joyful festive days with the ones you love and a truely wonderful New Year. And now – as always for me in this time of the year: I’m waiting for the return of light/ sun …
    Lots of love and (if I may) a warm hug

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