To start the new year…

First I want to wish every one of you, and your loved ones, a peaceful, healthy, happy and succesful year to come. May 2019 bring you the best.


In 2018, this blog has got 101 013 visitors. and over 280 000 views. Thank you! Really,

Thank you!

The year starts with something I find both great and amusing. Apparently Eurosport ran their own version “SPOTY” in the UK, this one voted by the fans of sport, and this is the result.

It makes you wonder what would have happened if BBC wasn’t restricting the people’s choices, via a panel that clearly is not representative of the “average” sports fan.

Well done Ronnie, and here is to more of the same!

Ideally with at World title thrown in?

And snooker is back with the Championships League 2019.

2 thoughts on “To start the new year…

  1. I hope Ronnie wins the Masters and the Worlds. The rest of them don’t bother me. For some reason he hasn’t done well at the Worlds since 2014. I hope he can change that.

  2. Crucible is a different ‘kind of animal’.
    Ronnie’s long potting game seems very good since SightRight but Ronnie sufferss at the Crucible since that final in 2014. Can he beat his demons there? I’d like to say yes but… For some reason he played weakly at the Crucible. The only positive point was the fighting skill.

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