Publishing Day …

Today is the day this book hits the shelves


Rhiannon Lambert came on twitter to promote it

…I’m so proud to share and I’s book is out today! 🙌🏻 Top Of Your Game: Eating For Mind & Body with is all about showing you how to eat, think, and work your way to being your very best – and staying there!


🍕🥘🍔Just look at the recipes! You‘ll find our favourite stir fries, curries, pizzas and all sorts of food you may think are typically unhealthy. Far from being disastrous, these will quickly become your go-to meals, made with satisfying ingredients that won’t break the bank!

Plus some pictures that are bound to tempt us…

Ronnie on Instagram also posted about a one off signing session

And with that I’m going back to the kitchen! Bon appétit!

One thought on “Publishing Day …

  1. I’ve ordered it (here in Canada). I’m trying to convince my sister-in-law she NEEDS to go to Lakeside for me. Haha. I think a lot of people are going to enjoy this book. Looking forward to having it in my hands.

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