Ronnie, Fu, Liang and Higgins in Huizhou


This has been posted today on weibo.

Here is what “google translate” allowed me to understand

it’s a six days tournament “hosted” by Liang Wenbo. “Huizhou Rural Commercial Bank Cup” #Snooker Championship Challenge# will be held at the Jinshanhu Gymnasium in Huizhou City from August 25th to 30th. 

There is a schedule of sorts but it doesn’t translate. 

The tournament runs from 25 to 30 August.

The following was kindly explained to me by Alex Pimenov on twitter:

From August 25 to 29, the second stage of the Chinese snooker tour of the season will be held in Huizhou. Among the declared players, several familiar names were recognized: Xiao Guodong,, Yuan Sijun, Lu Ning, Mei Xiwen, Luo Honghao, Zhang Anda and Fan Zheni.

After the end of the tournament on August 30 at the same site will be an exhibition match meeting UK – China. The team of Higgins-O’sullivan (not Sean) and Fu Wenbo.

Then this other poster was also shared on social media

Huizou Challenge2019

So this is a different event, and for now the format is unclear (to me at least).

Ronnie and Liang are close friends and maybe this is a good warm-up for the Shanghai Masters.



4 thoughts on “Ronnie, Fu, Liang and Higgins in Huizhou

  1. The first 5 days are a CBSA tour event, just for Chinese players who have qualified via regional events. There will be several professionals in the field. In the last one of these Zhang Anda beat Zhao Jianbo in the final.

    Then the ‘team match’ on the Friday 30th, featuring just the 4 famous players. I imagine the format will be a bit like the World Cup, only longer, with singles and maybe scotch doubles.

    Liang Wenbo has a house in Huizhou, and Ronnie has certainly been there before for exhibitions.

  2. It’s interesting that Ronnie will be spending so much time in China this season. I know he likes it there, but I also didn’t expect him to want to deal with the traveling. Maybe he’s taking advantage of appearance fees, based on the idea that he doesn’t expect to make much money in the UK this season if he doesn’t play many events…?

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