This site … call for help / advice

Ok guys and gals, this is an unusual post and not a happy one.

Over the summer, a friend and myself worked on adding content to this site, and finding/fixing missing content. The friend in particular worked extremely hard in finding lots of footages – mainly punditry stuff – from Asian sources, and publish them. By the end of August, thanks to their help, we had removed/replaced all missing content and added a lot of new one.

Early September, after the Huizhou exhibition, they went to holiday in Thailand … and vanished. I had a message on twitter telling me that they were in Thailand, and ok, but nothing since. They were supposed to come back on September 9, but I have no news and messages stayed unanswered. I have no clue as to what happened and I’m worried. I honnestly hope they are OK.

Simultaneously with their disappearance, the account(s) they used to publish the videos were removed, or made private. I can’t possibly tell. This caused hundreds of broken links here. It’s nothing as compared to the worries over my friends wellbeing, but it’s something I have to try to fix and I’m working on it. I will surely need another week at least. I know there are lots of content I won’t find back easily, but at least I’m trying to identify what’s missing.

Now if anyone can give me advice about a good tool to find broken links, please come forward with suggestions. In particular, the tools I found fail to identify broken embedded youtube video links. This is one of the reason why we favoured vimeo over youtube whenever possible. Broken vimeo links are easy to track.

Thank you in advance for your patience and help.




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  1. Dear Monique, I cannot help with broken links :(, but sincerely hope your friends will turn up OK, please let us know. And many thanks for all the work you do with this site.

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