Ronnie supporting World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health day and Ronnie, whose struggles with depression are well documented, posted this on twitter

Getting something off your chest is more important than winning any championship. I’ve always strived to be open about my mental health and in support of #WorldMentalHealthDay

I’m encouraging you to talk as well.

are always there to listen.

If, like me, you are sometimes fed up reading countless posts on social media every day about depression, anxiety, phobia, disorders of all kind, if like me, you sometimes have a feeling that the mental health topic has gone from being a tabboo – something people had to be ashamed about – to being “in fashion”, today is the day to remember that for many this subject remains difficult, that their pain is real, that it’s important that people who suffer feel safe to talk and to ask for help. And, maybe also, to stress that for those who live with a sufferer, it can be extremely difficult and challenging – I know that first hand – and, they too, may need help, support and professional advice and should be encourage to seek it.

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  1. Thank you, well said, Monique. I really can relate to that being in a similar situation family wise.

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