Ronnie’s exhibitions in Bexhill, Reading & Dunstable – 3, 4 & 5 January 2020

Bexhill – 3 January 2020

This club in Bexhill is the practice “home” to several professional players, notably Jimmy Robertson and Mark Davis.  The exhibition was played on mark Davis practice table, which is very “tight”. Ronnie played quite well all night. He had just one certury – a 121 – but scored 5 or 6 other breaks over 70.

He also got a very unusual request… forehead signing hum?

Reading – Crucible Sports & Social Club Opening – 4 January 2020

Yesterday, Ronnie was in Reading for the official opening of Jason Francis’ new club. It was an entertaining night.

John Virgo started with a bit “cabaret” trickshots involving members of the audience.

Ronnie then played eight frames against amateurs. He wasn’t at his absolute best but still had three centuries (127, 126, 119) and several other 50+ breaks. At the MSI, he met everyone signing and having pictures taken with the fans. Michaela Tabb was in charge

Next day, today, Ronnie was in Dunstable. 

It was another great night, from what I heard.

Ronnie had a 133 and a 134. On the 133, he gave the black to an 8 years old in the crowd… so it could, and almost certainly would have been a 140

Here is the moment, thanks to kalacs!

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